As far back as she can remember…whenever her memories stir…

her heroes came from the pages of children’s books her dads would read to her.


When they read about knights in shining armor…about heroes brave and wise

about feats of strength and courage…she would listen…mesmerized.


When she grew a little older her heroes also grew

they transformed as she did…as heroes often do.


Yet she found as her heroes changed over time

into new champions…new Galahad’s

the traits she admired in her heroes…

were the same traits she admired in her dads.


She found of all the heroes she admired…

all her heroes big and small

the most important heroes in her life…never changed at all.


They were the two men who read her children’s books…

the ones she still can’t wait to see

the ones who taught her everything

about what heroes ought to be.


And they are still her heroes…

her champions…her Galahads

and she is proud to call them heroes

but she prefers too call them dads.

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A father remembers years ago taking his children to the ballpark on a bright and sunny day.

They sat together in the stands and watched grown men at play.


They’d been sitting for a few innings when he heard his daughter exclaim

“Daddy, this is boring...what do you like about this game?”


It seemed at their young age his children didn’t share his baseball adoration

and he wasn’t sure they were ready for a lengthy explanation.


As they basked in the sunshine eating hot dogs with ketchup and mustard on their buns

He could have explained the rules of the game, about strikes and balls and runs.


He could have taken that opportunity surrounded by his children and his wife

to explain how baseball, if they let it, can teach them about life.


He could have pointed out although it is individual player’s names they scream

baseball teaches people to work together as a team.


That baseball teaches humility for no matter how hard you work, or what path you choose

Sometimes you’re going to win...sometimes you’re going to lose.


That baseball teaches perseverance, determination, tenacity and grit

That you shouldn’t worry when you strike out for you’ll get another chance to hit.


That you must endure the slumps in life and the havoc they may wreak

if you’re also to enjoy the jubilance when you’re on a winning streak.


He wanted to say no matter how many bases they run...no matter where they roam

that life will circle back and they’ll always be safe at home.


All these thoughts went through his mind as they sat in the park that day

Wondering what to tell his children as they watched grown men at play.


“What do I like about baseball,” he said smiling for suddenly he knew

“What I like best about baseball”...is sharing it with you.


His children are all grown now and as far as baseball...that’s a shame

because he never got to explain to them the intricacies of the game.




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As far back as he can remember…memories he loves to skim

his heroes came from the pages of children’s books his dad would read to him.


When they read about knights in shining armor…

about heroes brave and wise

about feats of strength and courage…

he remembers being mesmerized.


When he got a little older his heroes changed…and he was glad

because they came from watching TV… on weekends with his dad.


His Dad would talk about baseball, football, boxing…and how these different games are played 

he introduced him to new heroes…and explained how they were made.


His heroes changed quite often…by the time that he was grown

Heroes from music and movies…heroes he’d never really known.


And as his heroes changed throughout the years…

heroes big and small

He came to understand his one true hero…

never changed at all.


He’s the man who read him children’s books…

the one he still can’t wait to see

the man he sat next to every weekend 


watching heroes on TV.

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When the father sees his children smile now

his mind drifts back to a time when they were three

and he would read their favorite books

as they sat upon his knee.


He sees them all grown up and wonders…

Is it possible he got the time wrong?

Wasn’t it only yesterday?

Has it really been that long?


The moment is both sweet and bitter

Remembering old times…

feeling a little glum

Yet proud and happy for today

and the people they’ve become.


He is happy to have created memories

he can easily recollect

and happy to create new ones

every time their journeys intersect.


He has a feeling of contentment 

knowing his life is the way it’s supposed to be

and knowing if they ever need it


there is room upon his knee.

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He worked hard all his life…so many hours on his feet….

trying to make enough money so all his ends could meet.


He was proud of the work he’d done…but his pride he never flaunted 

as he provided his family everything they ever needed…

If not everything they ever wanted.


But now his life was coming to an end…and one question popped into his head

as he gazed at all his children gathered round his bed.


“I wonder, have you all been happy?” he asked,

“I know how often we’ve been poor….

When I look back on our life together…

I wanted to give you so much more…”


“I am sorry for what you didn’t have”…and at this point the father sighed.

“all those things you may have wanted…all those things I couldn’t provide.”


The eldest daughter stopped him…as tears flowed from his eyes.

“Poppa”, she said, “stop right there…Poppa,” she said, “don’t cry…”


“We know how much you loved us…have no regrets…no fear…

for whenever we needed or wanted you…we knew that you’d be here.”


“You were here to share our laughter…you were here to share our tears

You were here to relish in our joys…you were here to ease our fears…”


“The children all moved closer…their expressions gracious and undaunted

“Poppa,” they said, “you gave us your time….

which is all we really ever wanted.”


“We know how hard you worked…

there’s no reason to be sad

because as hard as you worked to provide for us…

you worked that much harder being Dad.”


Yes, he thought the work he did was important…

and it was…but in the end his children all conceded…

The time he spent just being Dad…


was all they ever needed.

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It was something his father always told him

a truth he wanted known

He’d say, son, together we are greater

than either one of us is alone


He’d say, If we want to make our world a better place…

we must blend together every seed of knowledge ever sown..

for together we are greater than any one of us is alone…


We must turn our disparities into strengths, he’d say 

and not let our differences be overblown

for together we are greater than any one of us is alone…


We must realize how we need one another

and understand something the Earth has always known

that together we are greater than any one of us is alone…


He died…but his message has stayed with his son

and now that he’s on his own

He is stronger knowing his father’s with him…


than he could ever be alone.

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When you became a father you took on the responsibility

of providing for your children…a loving family.


With fatherhood comes the duty of combining the present with the past

and providing a future for you children that is both meaningful…and vast.


When it comes to shaping the kind of people they will ultimately be

your children will be looking to you…for you hold one of the keys.


During those times you get to steer the ship

navigating the capricious winds of fate

If you teach your children love…they will love

If you teach them to hate…then they will hate.


Whatever you choose to show them

in all you say and do

remember: there’s a good chance

they’ll be watching 

and will grow up


to be like you.

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This question was posed to fathers…

What makes an awesome dad?

Some men said, ‘I need to make a lot of money,

to give my children all the things I never had.’


‘I need a big house with lots of rooms and a place for the kids to play outside.

The bigger house the better’…some other men replied.


So many men compared money to happiness

and so many more men seemed in sync…

until one man stepped up with an answer

that made the others think.


“I want to give my children my time.” he said.

“I want all my children to know

that I will always be there when they need me

that I’ll be there to watch them grow.”


So father’s…


on this Father’s day (and every day)

wherever you may wander…

Perhaps, ‘What makes an awesome dad?’

is a question you should ponder.


And you needn’t look too far…

for the answer surely graces

the glow in your children’s eyes…

and the smiles on their faces.



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It was his last chance to see his dad…to look him in the eye…

to thank him for all he’d done for him…last chance to say goodbye.


On his way he had time to wonder…as his dad’s life was about to dim

what his life will be like without him and how much he’s meant to him.


He was a quiet, gentle man, always loving, fair and kind…

So many memories they shared…now streaming through his mind…


Playing hide and seek in the backyard, reading in his rocking chair…

as far back as he can remember when he looked up…his dad was there.


Having a catch, doing homework, playing games like Monopoly and Clue,

flying kites, going to ball parks, eating ice cream at the zoo…


Watching him when he was a winner…and when he failed, too

Smiling his encouragement no matter what he’d do.


How does he thank him for all he gave him…all his love and help and care….

and thank him for the simple gift of always being there? 


When it came time to say goodbye…he held his hand tenderly…


“I’ll be right here, Dad.” He said with a smile,…“Like you were there for me.”

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