This question was posed to fathers…

What makes an awesome dad?

Some men said, ‘I need to make a lot of money,

to give my children all the things I never had.’


‘I need a big house with lots of rooms and a place for the kids to play outside.

The bigger house the better’…some other men replied.


So many men compared money to happiness

and so many more men seemed in sync…

until one man stepped up with an answer

that made the others think.


“I want to give my children my time.” he said.

“I want all my children to know

that I will always be there when they need me

that I’ll be there to watch them grow.”


So father’s…


on this Father’s day (and every day)

wherever you may wander…

Perhaps, ‘What makes an awesome dad?’

is a question you should ponder.


And you needn’t look too far…

for the answer surely graces

the glow in your children’s eyes…

and the smiles on their faces.



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