We don’t know when we’re visiting with a family member or a friend…

if today will be the last day…the day a life will end.


We don’t know if it is the last time we’ll find comfort in their eyes…

the last moment we will see them smile…

our last chance to say goodbye.


As for me…I don’t want my life to end in sorrow…

with sadness and regret…

I don’t want my last thoughts in life to be…Did I forget?


Did I forget to smile at the other person standing over there?

Did I forget to tell them thank you…or show how much I care?


Did I forget to say I’m sorry if I brought tears to another person’s eyes…

if I hurt another person…did I forget to apologize?


Did I forget to enjoy the beauty around me…everything I hear and see…

Did I forget to tell the ones I love…I love them…and how much they mean to me?


Wait! It occurs to me as I’m writing this…I am still alive! 

At least for another moment…

another day…

I have survived!


Which means I still have time left to live with no regrets…

time to ensure my final thought in life…

will not be…

Did I forget.


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Stolen Love

Lost Love

I feel my soul shattering into a million tiny pieces. 

Choosing between what I want and what has to be. 

Knowing I'm stuck here with a love that has faded

And wishing it could be just you and me. 

I didn't mean to fall in love with you. 

I knew you would never fully be mine.

What started out as fun slowly grew out of control

Our love  aged like a fine wine. 

Someone will hurt when all this is said and done. .

For now I'll treasure each day. 

I don't want to think the end is looming near. 

But I know we can't stay this way. 

You have a wife who needs you

This thing we have isn't right

We had our time, many years ago and threw it all away

Now we are nothing more than stolen moments in the night. 

My heart and soul will always be half yours, 

But I need you to let me go. 

I can't be the reason you break her heart

Take our memories and walk away slow.

The tears and pain will come. 

As the memories fade. 

You'll go back to your life, I'll go back to mine. 

But I'll always remember the love we made. 

I need to do the right thing. 

Tears fall now like rain

I know we don't belong together

But I can't hide the heartache and pain. 

Thank you for the memories 

The chance to relive the past. 

But walk away now, your wife awaits. 

Stolen love, it just isn't meant to last. 





He was too busy dreaming of a much more wonderful life

That he forgot to take the time to enjoy his children and his wife.


He was too busy working…always on the go

That he forgot to be around…to watch his children grow.


He was too busy making money…

dreaming of that upward climb.

He forgot all his family ever needed…

all they ever wanted... 

was his time


He was too busy dreaming…

as he looks back this makes him sad.

He was too busy dreaming of the life he could have had…


He was so busy dreaming of a life he never knew

he failed to recognize and enjoy his dreams

that already had come true.


He was to busy dreaming…

of a more successful, prosperous fate…

He was too busy dreaming…

and now it’s much too late.



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