Darkened Eyes'

Just a thought!

Where the darkness ends, a soul begins

trapped within your eyes
A depth so deep only goblins creep
In a world of festering lies
A tale conceived, you've been deceived
from another' s heartless cleanse
Only fear and mistrust through jaded lust
lurks behind a darkened lens.

Defiled and impure you seek the allure

of another soul's contention

In a chaotic dance, you elicit romance...

for a reign in Hell's ascension.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Decided to take a trip on "The Dark side"Tongue Out

Charcoal Dreams




Years of endless

Searching beyond even those things

We cannot fathom,

Often wandering aimlessly,

In desperation far surpassing

Any star with a hope

To be touched upon.


Our words become like the ashes 

Of a blazing furnace,

Too full to hold even a spark,

And we drown in the soot of our 

Forgotten desires,

Kindled by a frailty, the honor of 

Greedy self satisfaction.


Misinterpretations that dangle 

Wet with temptuous succulence

The lips of demons born 

From the fires that melted even the mold 

To cradle molten steel,

In the hope to build anew,

The lifeblood of existence.


Ingenuity lost between desire and understanding,

And hope becomes but a trickle of honey

That drips from 

Mouths of devils' tongues,

To save a tomorrow that may never come,

From the collateral loss of 

A journey never begun.






Author's Notes/Comments: 
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