One thing I’ve learned about life…in all the memories I’ve collected…is hot to embrace the unanticipated…the unforeseen…the unexpected


Oh, I still believe in planing trips with forethought, caution and care…but I’ve found unplanned moments can lead to happiness…I didn’t know was there.


I remember on a well-planned trip with Deborah…to Chattanooga, Tennessee…a wrong turn down a wrong street…ended at the Moon Pie factory.


If it wasn’t for that wrong turn…that little glitch in our vacation travel riddle…we would have never discovered Moon Pie makes a sandwich with marshmallow ice cream in the middle.


Thanks to one unplanned, unexpected turn in Chattanooga, Tennessee…Moon Pie ice cream was added to our list…of treasured memories.


I used to be a jogger…a daily routine to which I religiously kept…every morning I’d be out there running while the rest of my family slept.


But years of running…on my knees…was too much of a shock…and after two meniscus surgeries…my run became a walk.


I admit my initial disappointment I found difficult to hide…but when I ran…I ran alone…now I walk with Deborah by my side.


We walk together in the morning at slow and steady paces…enjoying the beauty of the animals, the trees and the breeze upon our faces.


I’m not sure how or why this happens…but I find it altogether stunning…how we see and hear things as we walk…I never saw or heard while running.


I don’t know why these moments come about…how by Fate they are selected…but I know whenever I eat a Moon Pie or take a walk with Deborah…I thank my lucky stars for every memory unexpected.

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Remember when you learned to ride a bike…how the world was all brand new?

Have you ever stopped to think about the all the changes you went through?


Close your eyes…think back..remember how it feels…

You started on a tricycle...then a bicycle with training wheels


Then came the day that changed your world, we all must face them as we grow

The day you knew it was time...for the training wheels to go.


Remember Dad or Mom running behind you; hearing their encouragement…their groans…remember seeing them in the distance…you were riding on your own!


At that moment you were alive and you thought...this bike riding is a piece of cake.

till you remembered they taught you how to ride but forgot to teach you how to brake.


It turns out life is a series of changes we experience along the way

for, like it or not, everything is changing, every second, every day.


Of course we are aware of this...but once in a while we’re a little more attuned

like when Sunday merges into Monday or May turns into June.


And every now and then we take a moment from our normal circadian climb

to think about the changes we’ve encountered within the passages of time. 


A baby changes daily and in no time at all is learning how to crawl

as quickly as the summer breezes give way to the winds of fall.


We blink and that crawling baby is a child, then a teenager on the go

as quickly as the falling leaves of autumn turn into winter snow.


Blink again and that teenager becomes an adult with all the responsibilities that brings.

as quickly as the winter snow lifts revealing the flowers…the colors of spring.


Change engulfs us, it’s inevitable...and though we may not understand why

without it…not one caterpillar would become a butterfly?


Since life will not slow down for us no matter how we’ve tried

I think learning to ride a bike has helped prepare us for the ride. 


After all we need to keep pedaling to stay balanced, we learn from our mistakes,

we feel joy knowing we can ride and knowing when to hit the breaks.


“Oh that’s ridiculous! How can riding a bike prepare us for life?” you laugh…perhaps you scoff…

It’s simple really, it prepares us for all those days…

when our training wheels come off.



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I remember looking at Deborah and thinking to myself…how blessed…how fortunate are we…as we drove from our cabin in the mountains…to our home down by the sea.


Blessed to have a life where, one moment, we are able to be…experiencing the majesty of the mountains…and the next…the grandeur of the sea.


Blessed to have in our life…the ability to choose…from two wonders of creation…with two completely different views.


Take sunsets for instance…the same sunset…but both as different as can be…as the sun seems to nestle behind the mountains…but swan dive into the sea.


It’s as if the sun works harder to settle in the mountains…climbing through the trees and in and out of caves…while setting in the ocean…all she does is ride the waves.


It reminds me of the highs and lows of life…on our daily roller coaster ride…sometimes we find ourselves climbing…other times…we’re floating on the tide.


But one of the wonders of a sunset…is that each one is brand new…and whether we’re climbing or we’re floating…we must find time to enjoy the view.


For enjoying the view is, I imagine, most important…in life…it is the key…whether the sun is nestling behind the mountains…or swan diving into the sea.

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We know the exact moment our time on Earth began

but…since we don’t know when it will end

may we think of time less as an enemy

and accept her as our friend


And in the span that she has given us

before she puts us all to bed

may we treat the world with kindness

and leave no important word unsaid.



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Why do so many of us only come tor realize our time on Earth is precious after someone dies?


Why is it so many of us say…“I should have taken more time with them

to love…

to laugh…

to play….

only after that person has left us…only after they’ve passed away?


Why does it take a person dying to make us think of the world we wanted to create?  

Why do we wait to do all the things we should have done…

until it is too late?


I wish everyone could understand before a death…

how time is a gift 

bestowed upon us by our creator…

from above…

a gift to be shared over and over again

with all of those, in life, we love.


I wish we all would spend more time 

with the ones we love 

while the ones we love still live…

because ‘more time’ is a gift…

the creator does not give.

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Another baseball season begins and as teams vie for fortune and for fame…I’m reminded of the time I tried to teach my children….




It was years ago when we took our children to the ballpark on a bright and sunny day.

We wore baseball caps, sat in the stands and watched grown men at play.


We’d been sitting for a few innings when I heard my daughter exclaim,

“Daddy, this is boring...what do you like about this game?”


It seemed at their young age my children didn’t share my baseball adoration…and I was sure they weren’t quite ready for a lengthy explanation.


As we basked in the sunshine eating hot dogs with ketchup and mustard on our buns…I could have explained the rules of the game, about strikes and balls and runs.


I could have taken that opportunity surrounded by my children and my wife to explain how baseball, if we let it, can teach us about life.


I could have pointed out, although it is individual player’s name we scream, baseball teaches people to work together as a team.


That baseball teaches humility…for no matter how hard you work, or what path you in life you choose…sometimes you’re going to win...and sometimes you’re going to lose.


That baseball teaches perseverance, determination, tenacity and grit…that you shouldn’t worry when you strike out because you’ll get another chance to hit.


That you must endure the slumps in life and the havoc they may wreak…If you’re also to enjoy the jubilance and the joy of a winning streak.


I wanted to say no matter how many bases you run...no matter where you roam…that life will circle back and you’ll always feel safe at home.


All these thoughts went through my mind as we sat in the park that day…wondering what to tell my children as we watched grown men at play.


“What do I like about baseball,” I said smiling for suddenly I knew “What I like best about baseball...is sharing it with you".


Our children are all grown now and, as far as baseball...that’s a shame…because I never got to explain to them the intricacies of the game.



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We live our life in present moments…moments that quickly pass us by…

I wonder if that’s why so much of life seems to pass in the blink of an eye.


In the blink of an eye I was born…in the blink of an eye I was walking…in the blink of an eye I was running…in the blink of an eye I was talking.


In the blink of an eye I was in high school…driving a car…feeling immortal and free…in the blink of an eye I was in college…trying to earn a degree.


In the blink of an eye…yes…the blink of an eye…Oh My God! And Heaven Forbid! I was married…in the blink of an eye…got a job…and in the blink of an eye…two kids!


And soon after our children were born…in the blink of an eye they were walking…in the blink of an eye they were running…in the blink of an eye they were talking.


In the blink of an eye there was a divorce…a remarriage…and another child makes three…in the blink of an eye two unfamiliar groups…became one blended family.


And once again we didn’t have time to think about how the time had flown…for in the blink of an eye our children grew up and now had lives of their own.


In the blink of an eye there were four grandchildren…in the blink of an eye they’re all grown…and some nights as Deborah and I sit in our now empty house…just the two of us…all alone…


We love to look back on those times in our life…times that made us laugh, or smile or cry…and marvel at how such a wonderful life…can pass in the blink of an eye.

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I looked outside one morning as the day had just begun to see a grey sky overhead….dark clouds blotting out the sun.


Sadness seemed to blanket everything at the beginning of this day…the world seemed smaller…more confining as a storm was on its way.


Soon the sadness that had filled the clouds dropped to the Earth in rain…and I thought why the weather can change my mood…is difficult to explain.


Sometimes the rain makes me happy as I remember playing in it with Mom and Dad…other times when I am missing them…the raindrops make me sad.


The storm completed its visit around noon…and again…it’s difficult to explain how the sadness I was feeling…departed with the rain.


Once the skies cleared and I could see the sun would be shining for a while…it’s as if the sun took any sadness I was feeling…and replaced it with a smile.


What is this strange phenomenon I thought….what is the weather trying to say…perhaps that, in our life, there will be storms along the way.


And when a storm brings sadness…as some storms often do…It’s okay to be sad…knowing when the storm is through…


the clouds will break…the sun will shine…and happiness will return…

Perhaps this is the lesson the weather wants us all o learn.


That yes, we will experience storms…but eventually all storms wane…

And we must decide if our life is to be guided by the sun…

or determined by the rain.


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We live our life in fragments…moments that are fleeting.

We spend a lifetime accumulating pieces to a puzzle we are, everyday, completing.


Our parents begin our puzzle…(it is after them our puzzle’s named)

as they assemble the border pieces in which our puzzle will be framed


And though we’re happy they have set the boundaries…and arranged our cornerstones

there comes a time in every life when we must search for pieces on our own.


And so we spend our days and nights searching…determined not to quit…until we discover that one piece…that is a perfect fit.


But we don’t have long to enjoy the moment…how two pieces have aligned…because we know our puzzle’s incomplete…and there are more pieces left too find…


And we have days the puzzle goes together easily…and our hearts and spirits soar…while other days we can’t seem to find the piece we’re looking for.


And sometimes our pieces seem to fit perfectly …we’re sure together they belong…only to find we were mistaken…and wonder how we could have ever been so wrong. 


But in all of our searching…through our calm waters and our storms…piece by piece the puzzle of our life…of who we are…begins to form.


And such is the nature of our puzzle…that it may, at times, confuse…for the picture changes daily depending on the pieces that we choose.


In the end we hope we’ve chosen wisely…

that no piece has been mistreated

and our friends and family will smile…

at the puzzle we’ve completed.



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