Patience, Strength, Vanquish


It is not a day goes by we seek to the stars,

During these dark days,

And we ask ourselves…


Is this the end?

Is this what we failed for?

Is this death?

Is this where life leads us?


Will we prevail?

Will we conquer?

Will we rise for a new beginning?


We see determination,

We have a purpose,

We shall have assurance,

We Hope!


We hope for a new beginning,

We hope for a new start,

We hope to conquer,

We hope all will be fine!


But will it cease?

Will we suffer again?

Will this ever end?


Only time will test us,

Only time will tell us,

Only time shall we win.


Our Friends,

Our Families,

Our Coworkers,

Our Neighbors,



We suffer,

We hope,

We survive,

We win!


We shall win this battle!

We shall conquer!

We shall rule!


Mother Nature will flourish through our breath,

Parties will regain once again,

Music will be played on the streets,

Sports will smear mud on our knees,

Campgrounds will be cooking,

Arts will bring life,

Honking will blast in our ears,

Economies will soar,

Countries will unite,

Humans will be a whole again!


Shall this virus die as time passes?

Although it will be a never-ending battle,

But at the end, we hope for the best of everyone that it shall not return for a long time!


We will Win!

We will Conquer!

We will Unite!

We will Hope!

We will Endure!


We will remember those that past!

We will remember those that won!

We will remember those that helped!

We will remember First Responders!

We will remember Doctors!

We will remember Nurses!

We will remember Essential Employees!

We will remember Families!

We will remember Friends!

We will remember Everyone!

We will remember Unity!

We will remember Heroes!


We are all United for a better tomorrow!


We Will Win!




Author's Notes/Comments: 

In rememberence, those who are fighting the front lines, patients, loved ones, etc during these dark days.


We are born…we live…we die…that’s the way it’s supposed to be

We are all bound by the circle of life…and our own mortality.


I noticed her as I walked outside…she was hanging from a tree

A little worm…her color green…and she seemed to smile at me.


I was confused at first by her greeting…but I returned her smile

then I sat down next to her…and we visited for a while.


“Hey there little worm.” I asked. “What brings you here hanging by that thread?”

The little worm smiled as she swayed to and fro, “It was the wind,.” she said.


“And I am not a worm I am a caterpillar.” she corrected me with a sigh…

“One day I shall be a moth or, perhaps, a butterfly.”


“One day I will be even more beautiful.”

Here she looked up at the sky.

“One day I will have wings…one day…I will fly.”


And nether of us could have predicted that would be her final word

because when she finished speaking…she was eaten by a bird.


And I felt betrayed by time, deceived…as this caterpillar was cheated…

as her circle of her life was all too soon completed.


And once again…a lesson taught…much to my chagrin…

how in some way every life is at the mercy of the wind.


How we never know what fate…what destiny lies ahead…

How all our lives, when we stop to think about it, are hanging by a thread.


How life will one day end…we don’t know when…or why

How we never know how far we’ll go…or if ever we will fly….


But if there is one lesson from this caterpillar I find endlessly redeeming….

It would be wherever we are in the circle of life…

to never stop our dreaming.

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Knowing life is temporary and will be over much too soon

Every day I take a walk and say good morning to the moon.


I say good morning to the clouds reflected in her light

I say good morning to the stars and all the animals that populate the night.


I love to walk among the shadows with the sounds around me blending

I love to begin my day the moment the night is ending.


And because every moment is precious and I don’t want to miss a one

In the evening I will look out and say good night to the sun.


Good night to the clouds that darken as she slips into the bay

Good night to all the animals that populate the day.


And as the day heads off to sleep…as she turns of her last light

I always make one wish as I retire for the night.


Knowing life is temporary and will be over much too soon


I wish that on the morrow…I’ll wake up to greet the moon.

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Whenever I see a baby passing by me on the street

I smile…

you see I’m captivated by their baby hands and baby feet.


It reminds me of the miracle of birth


how swiftly our time goes

when I see their little fingers…

and count their little toes.


I remember when my children and grandchildren were babies…

Was it really that long ago

when I held their baby hands in mine

and tickled their baby toes?


And again I think how time moves ever onward

does not stop

will not repeat

and how we must cherish every moment 

of baby hands and baby feet.


Knowing babies grow up…

that it’s all part of the plan

I look into the parents' eyes and whisper…


“Enjoy this while you can”.

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They walk a different path each morning

as a new day’s begins to glow..

They fill a picnic basket and they drive

It doesn’t matter where they go.


They gather with their friends and family 

to spend a moment or two.

sometime they sit

sometimes they eat

It doesn’t matter what they do.


They love to play any kind of games

their children and grandchildren might choose

It doesn’t matter if they win

It doesn’t matter if they lose.


If you ask them why it doesn’t matter 

they have a simple reason why.

If you ask them why it doesn’t matter

they have but one reply…


You see…they know that life is short…and precious

and every moment they’re awake

it’s not the size of the memory that’s important


it’s how many they can make.

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With the family visiting again this holiday..as they have so many times before

It was once again time to revisit…the back of our old closet door.


On it Deborah and I have placed one of our most treasured sights 

A history of our family’s growth recorded in our children and grandchildren’s heights.


Heights have been inscribed on this door for over 35 years

It was time to update our two youngest grandchildren…

who have grown 6 inches it appears… 


This closet door reminds us…as we read heights written in black pen

How every child grows…it’s not a matter of will they..

it’s a matter of when


(I wonder if growing taller is as big an accomplishment 

as we all might be thinking

Because, although we’ve not recorded our heights…

I think Deborah and I are shrinking.)


Be that as it may I can’t open this door without smiling

sometimes a tear finds its way to my eye

as I realize when facing it…how quickly time goes by.


With the future always one step away…a future approaching so fast

opening this door is a wonderful way to pause and revisit our past.


To look back on our children and grandchildren…

Now that they’ve all grown taller than us…

back to a time not that long ago 

when they were all smaller than us.


Yes, we’ve been recording heights here for over 35 years 

and hope to record here for over 35 more…

But…if there ever comes a time we have to move away…


Moving with us…will be this old closet door.

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On our walk the morning as we made the turn 

down a tree filled lane

we were greeted in the silence by a tender…misty rain.


We could feel a slight coolness brush agains our face…

and yet

so delicate were her droplets that we did not get wet.


So light…so mild was that touch of rain 

we barely could perceive her

so gentle even the most fragile flowers 

had to lift their petals to receive her.


I looked up to try and glimpse the mist 

floating against the backdrop of the dawn

but as quickly as she started…that misty rain was gone


And once again I had to smile 

as I thanked the rain for the simplicity of her greeting

reminding me to enjoy both life and beauty…


for both of them are fleeting.

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When I was in school my grades were adequate although I much preferred to play

I never thought concepts learned back then would be applicable today.


I knew basic math was vital…that’s drilled in from the start

But I didn’t know it would come to play such a vital part.


There were things I thought had nothing to do with math 

like when I became aware

Life is much more effortless when it is a life we share.


The more people who share our sorrow, who help and reassure

The easier our sorrow is to handle…the longer we endure.


And when we share our happiness with family and friends

like ripples on the water, that feeling never ends.


I have often wondered about this...why does this phenomenon exist?

Is there something in the universe, some teaching I have missed?


Sorrow and happiness have certain properties 

when we individually bear them

but both can change dramatically

when we chose to share them.


When we share our sorrow we start to feel it less…

and less, and less, and less

and happiness, when shared, grows to even more happiness!


The solution is quite simple and should serve as a guide…

When shared…our sadness is divided 

while shared happiness is multiplied.


Imagine that! The answer lies in basic math--all those years ago conveyed

Perhaps if I’d paid more attention, I’d have earned a better grade.


And it wouldn’t have taken me this long to do the math

And become exceedingly aware…


That Life is much more effortless when it is a life we share.

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When I stop and take a look at my life now that I am well past fully grown

I like to think how I’ve been blessed by all the people I have known.


Certainly there is my family, my children, my grandchildren and my wife

but what about all the others people who have helped to shape my life.


Some were with me from the start but are gone now…to my dismay

Some have been here many years…others merely crossed my path along the way


Some I’ve known by name others I never really knew…but I’m still glad

at what they all have given me…at the impact they have had


I’ve known mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters…aunts and uncles too

I’ve known teachers, students, and children who helped to mold my point of view.


So many people I have met whose influence I can’t ignore

from priests, professors, bus drivers to baggers in the grocery store.


I’ve known mechanics, fishermen, lawyers…waiters and waitresses galore

all who made me think a little differently than I had thought the day before.


I’ve known authors and musicians…I’ve loved their melodies….their words

I’ve been changed by every book I’ve ever read and every song I’ve ever heard.


I could go on and on because in my mind a host of faces are now blending

You might say when it comes to the people in my life…the list is never-ending.


And I imagine it’s the same with everyone

For no one ever lives their life totally alone

No…we are who we are today


because of all the people we have known.

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