Two people at a city park…in relative obscurity…

One man frowning, pacing to and fro…

the other sat smiling in the shade of an old oak tree.


It was a beautiful day. 

The sun was shining.

There’s was breeze blowing in from the sea…

But look how different the two appeared…

What could cause such a discrepancy?


Wanting to know the reason

I set aside my book

and maneuvered into position

to have a closer look.


The answer was quite simple

It seems both men were assessing…

One was adding up all his troubles…

while the other…counted blessings.


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Room Upon My Knee

As I saw her on the stage, I smiled...

My mind drifted to when she was three

and we would read her favorite book

as she fell asleep upon my knee.


Now she’s grown and on her own.

Could I possibly have the year wrong?

Wasn’t it only yesterday?

Has it really been that long?


It was a bittersweet moment,

but I didn’t feel glum.

I sat there, marveling, 

proud and happy

at the woman she’s become.


Happy we’ve created old memories

I can now recollect,

and happy to create new memories

every time our journeys intersect. 


Proud and happy life has played out

the the way it’s supposed to be...

knowing her favorite book still sits on my shelf


and there’s always room upon my knee.

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2 Captains

Two captains met to choose their teams for life...
“I choose strength and beauty!” Captain 1 said.
Captain 2 spoke, after pondering a while,
“I choose love and kindness instead.”

Captan 1 chose intelligence and wealth
and power over everyone.
Captain 2 chose wisdom and respect
then announced, “My choosing is done.”

“But there’s so much more to choose!” Captain 1 said.
“How are you ever going to succeed?”
“Thanks.” Captain 2 said as he walked away,
“But I’ve chosen everything I’ll need.”


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Castles In The Sand

When I was young a trip to the beach
was wondrous and grand.
We would play in the sun,
swim in the water,
and build castles in the sand.

When I had my own children...
we’d spend hours on the beach.
We’d end up tired and tanned
after playing games,
chasing waves,
and building castles in the sand.

Nowadays I meet my grandchildren on the beach.
Our morning goes as planned.
We ride the waves,
search for shells,
and build castles in the sand.

Life’s moments slip away so fast
sometimes it’s hard to understand...
Perhaps that’s why we love creating
castles in the sand.

And why, when my wife and I walk along the beach
together hand in hand
We smile as we stop to visit
every castle in the sand..

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The Gift Of Life

We’ve all been given the gift of life.
A gift no one had to buy.
When given a gift so wondrous
doesn’t it make you wonder...

Why have I been chosen?
Why him?
Why her?
Why you?
When given a gift so precious...
don’t you wonder...
what am I supposed to do?

Perhaps the answer is a simple one
for this gift we’ve all been granted...
give back...
make others happy...
and live a life...

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One Chance

We have one planet,
one Earth...
one sphere on which we reside
One chance to get this right...
one magic carpet ride.

One moment in time...
one shot...
one juncture...
one opportunity...
One chance to come together
as one world....
one family.

Destiny has has placed us
onto this wonderful expanse...
And destiny awaits to see...
What we do with our one chance.