Cast them Out

Lord Jesus

I call on ye


help me to cast out the spirts

of alcoholism

of perversion

of gluttony


Rid me of all demonic influence


Cleanse me with your grace


Help me to see the light


forgive me of my sins


help me to spread your good news





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Rewriting the DNA

Holy Nazarene

born to rule


A king of kings,

a diamond in the rough


World's enemy;

cabal's nightmare


Redemption of corruption;

dna's overcoming


Transcending Satan;

son of man


When he dies,

you live


and when you live,

he dies


Without him,

you are nothing


Without the son,

the father is fatherless




Author's Notes/Comments: 

The DNA is kundalini. We are satanic. But Jesus frees us from our prison. In him we get a new body. 

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The Immortal Nazarene

He refused the wine;

he stood the pain;


Nothing would stand in his way,

he was death itself.


Ready to face what he was,

all the pain, all the hate


Blood running down his face,

curses spat into his ear,


But still not phased,

where other men might fear


Staying straight,

ready to meet his fate


A man that could not be



reliquishing himself

to the violence


he allows his mind

to fade into the darkness


Only to wake up 

and walk of the tomb


reborn; made new,

having overcome the odds


he spreads the good news







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The Great Lion

Lion's roar,

Lion's return


Little goblins

fleeing back inside the earth


Melting of the frost

end of the winter


Coming of the thunder,

roar of the Lion!!!!!!!!!

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Cast into the Lake of Fire and Brimstone

when the sun sets

and the night has begun,

when the monsters have come out of their burrows

to play and frolic under a full blood moon,

without a care in the world

these ancient rites are done;


invocations to the continual one, who has been trapped for aeons

in the black earth, awaiting his release from his torture of boredom;

his little beasts who have been hiding in their shadows throughout the centures,

doing their nightly rituals in hope that they can break the spell which has been put on him;


Yet all of this has already been set in motion:

what is dark shall become light, ;

and day shall turn to night;

under his watchful eye the whole world will shine,

fire from below and from above

in flames the whole world shall go up

and a thousand year reign of fire and blood

the beast shall mock the name of Jesus Christ

until he returns to cast him into the fire from which

he came; and a new earth to form

from his grace amen!!!!!!!!!!






Author's Notes/Comments: 
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Waking Up to Christ




spiritual healing,

waking up from

a path of self-destruction,

looking up to the heavens,

and receiving his blessing,

shedding a life of depression,

a nihilistic worldview, its fire


receiving the knowledge of love,

going out into in the world and sharing the spirit,


Expelling the negativity, the parasites, the archontic influence,

realizing the world for what is: the web of a spider,

A false god who wants us to sleep,

Christ gives us the illumination,

to wake up from the matrix.




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There's more to life than this

Theres more to life than this. 
You and her. Him and you. 
Mum and dad. Old and new. 
Things above. Things below. 
What you think. What you know. 
Education for a career in life, 
Searching for a beautiful wife,
Alcohol for the stress relief,
Looking for the true belief,
Watching porn for all that pleasure,
Treating phones and stuff like treasure, 
Updating on the latest news, 
Saving up for a holiday cruise,
Skipping school, way too cool. Having kids while still a kid. 
Looking for a place to stay, watching all the anime, playing games and wanting fame, gossipping about our friends, shopping for the latest trend, all the things you think of life, open your eyes and see the strife. A spiritual war we cannot see, a struggle for the life of you and me. The signs are here, they were prophecied. Theres a reason why our Lord Jesus died. The world today is getting worse, most of us are under the curse, of Satans devices. Open your eyes and reminisce. There's more to life than this. 
Seek and know your saviour and creator Jesus

Author's Notes/Comments: