There's more to life than this

Theres more to life than this. 
You and her. Him and you. 
Mum and dad. Old and new. 
Things above. Things below. 
What you think. What you know. 
Education for a career in life, 
Searching for a beautiful wife,
Alcohol for the stress relief,
Looking for the true belief,
Watching porn for all that pleasure,
Treating phones and stuff like treasure, 
Updating on the latest news, 
Saving up for a holiday cruise,
Skipping school, way too cool. Having kids while still a kid. 
Looking for a place to stay, watching all the anime, playing games and wanting fame, gossipping about our friends, shopping for the latest trend, all the things you think of life, open your eyes and see the strife. A spiritual war we cannot see, a struggle for the life of you and me. The signs are here, they were prophecied. Theres a reason why our Lord Jesus died. The world today is getting worse, most of us are under the curse, of Satans devices. Open your eyes and reminisce. There's more to life than this. 
Seek and know your saviour and creator Jesus

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more then life

Well put POEM couldn't said it better myself. Living and life is two different things and that is true. Living is based on what man tell you or teach you and tangible things, when life is spiritual, Yeswuah is Life in itself which we must live.

wisdom comes from God

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Beautyful said, bravo

Beautyful said, bravo