Imitation is Flattery



she told a white lie


and it turned black as coal


the poor thing didn't realize


that she sold her own soul


2013 ©



Into Darkness

Take your well-deserved step into darkness

ready to face the crimes

you have committed, to stand trial

for your deeds of dim proportions

None have stood so lonely

as you walk into the wire.

As you walk into the wire,

your dim lights slowly fade

away, passing you by forever,

never to return.

You brought this onto yourself.

Only you have brought this to yourself,

now you are devoid of any

scapegoats, in this valley of dying light,

this desolate plain of existence

in which you personally created to see fit.

You created this lonely plain in your image,

only you and you alone have done this

in your journey into the wire,

I’ll become your eyes, you’ll have no other.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The poem begins and ends with lines from "The Parting" by Swedish alternative rock band Katatonia. The poem itself in an imitation of "Lullaby for the Woman Who Walks into the Sea" by Patricia Fargnoli. 


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