Nature knows no plagiarism,

Original it was,

Original it still is,

It is only humans who plagiarism cause!



We have been imitating nature,

And its maneuvers since the beginning,

Of the human race,

That very procedure seems never-ending!


To be honest plagiarism has saved us,


As science copies natural formulas and create thus!

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Sophomore Brilliant Historian Kaavya Viswanathan




Sophomore brilliant historian Kaavya Viswanathan left yesterday from "Thee Harvard", which helped her earn a $500,000 advance from Little, Brown, and Them for stories of good vs. bad Stephen Ambroses. (Pegasus Bridge: June 6, 1944). At an emotional hearing, opponents of Miss Viswanathan described their want to "protect our kids, your kids, and the kids of others' from evil." Some students at the meetings scoffed, saying they wouldn't confuse three wide releases scattered among some powerful holdovers from leftover days, with ticket sales, which, incidentaly, are 22 percent higher than last weekend. Meanwhile, Viswanathan's controversial rendition of The Star Spread-eagled Banner "en espanol" will soon be released commercially so as to be in retail stores between May 5 and May 15.


At the same time, according to a report filed by WXIA radio, The Company Urban Box Office Of Good Mixed Media Genres characterized the suspicions enveloping Miss Viswanathan, claiming that passages in her newly published debut novel are "strikingly similar" to ones encouraging children to read, and described books in general as being "all about evil". (Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows). "I will not fill their heads with it," said company director Laurs Mallory, a parent of two, confusing a fiction with reality. A hearing officer said the Weekend Box Office will issue a recommendation to the school-board within 5 working days. Why? District Wrestling Championships. For the week ending on April 16, analysts said, a digital download on May 2 was expected from the precocious college sophomore.





Author's Notes/Comments: 

Back in 2010, Kaavya Viswanathan, a college student, published a novel which was hailed and lauded. Then someone discovered that some certain passages in her book bore a resembalence to some certain passages in other books and a great hysteria enveloped the publishing world. She was denounced far and wide as a vile, disgusting plagiarist and her literary career was destroyed before it had even got further than the runway. I was sickened at the way she was treated, for what seemed to me to be minor transgressions,  transgressions which were probably wholly unconscious at that. It happens all the time. Around the same time the historian Stephen Ambrose got hit for the same thing. Commotion ensued. Total bullshit. Our unconscious minds regurgitate stuff we've absorbed- its part of the creative process. In response to all this, I cut-up a section of a news article about the college student,, spliced together with one about the star spangled banner being sung in Spanish somewhere, as well as one about the then current "satanic panic" of certain idiotic christians over Harry Potter books being found in high (!) school libraries. Thus, what you see above.

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Imitation is Flattery



she told a white lie


and it turned black as coal


the poor thing didn't realize


that she sold her own soul


2013 ©