My brother's mega blocks

A new movie has arrived and available in theaters it is. An amusing and exciting popular film for children at the top of the box office. Merchandise pops up here and there in every store you walk in front of. Modern action figures including many special features never seen before seem to persuade kids well-enough. The toys catch my brother’s eyes because they’re all that he wants. After hours of entreaties in tears, his mother can’t help it but to make the purchase, my brother has a glare of joy drawn in his face. My brother gets what he wanted so on and on for weeks he enjoys his new toy. Thus he plays shooting plastic flame-like ammo at the other characters, making up storylines with witty dialogues between his action figures who are fighting over their issues. After a while, he’s exhausted all features this thing has, so the new toy lays in a random dusty spot which is usually somewhere on the floor. He then finds himself playing with his mega blocks, he had built multi-colored houses, squared ships, a yellowish L-shaped gun that has shot dead every member in his family at least a dozen times each. He had run out of ideas but his mind is refreshed, and the new toy has joined the bench. He’s now building an Eiffel Tower held up by sloped pillars and shooting 3-block bullets with another thing that was meant to propel hot-wheels cars. No matter what new toy is for sale in every store, for my brother it’ll be fun for a while until the new features aren’t new anymore. My brother doesn’t ask anything to any twister since wherever he plays it won’t stay the same by the end of his game. The toys he owns aren’t lucky at all, the more charm they have, the more odd-looking they get with a missing arm. Yes, they get torn apart since they come in one piece but that’s not the case of the mega blocks which you can always break down and put back together to get new things. He will always come back with more ideas for his Lego-like mega blocks. He makes a mess though, for each room in my former home you may find a bunch of these figures in more than a row. After all, he can’t be blamed by me at all, I was the one leaving those very same old mega blocks on the floor about a decade ago. That’s the way my bother Diego goes with his mega blocks.

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That Same Old Rocking Chair.

¡Oh how I still remember that same old rocking chair after a decade! Made in a small factory on the outside of this city, this chair would just not go away. There goes my grandfather on the road when this great white rocking chair caches his eye. He stops with a wide look and a big smile, he already knew he was going to give that chair a new owner. So next thing he does, is call us immediately, because that chair would not carry itself. ! Oh I still remember the heat on that day! ! 40 degrees and there we were, loading a big ugly rocking chair into the back of a Crown Victoria! So finally it the long trip back home was over, the rocking chair was finally at the place it would remain for more than 10 years. Every day the man would wake up and immediately walk to that chair, drink a coke and smoke a cigarette, the dream really. He was faithful to his friend the chair, even when it rained , when it snowed, when it was as hot as an oven, there he would be, rocking .. rocking… rocking… forward… back… forward… back. The house would get a makeover, the kitchen floor would change, the garage would get bigger, the living room would get a new carpet. ! Oh but how that same old rocking chair would just not move! Whenever the family would get together to celebrate an event like a birthday or Christmas, we would all make a circle around that chair. Even when his health was not on his best, he would go all the way from the hospital to his house just to sit on his beloved rocking chair. Every month he would clean it by hand, polish it and give it a new coat of paint. ! Oh how he would refuse to leave the city because he feared his beloved old rocking chair would get stolen! Just as that rocking chair moved, so did time. My dear grandfather passed, spending his last days on that rocking chair. Summers and winters have passed, the house abandoned, no cokes were drunk anymore, no cigarettes were smoked. !Oh but the worst part is still to come! To this day the same old rocking chair stays on the porch of that house, silent, waiting for a new owner.

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My grandmother and her sewing machine

My grandmother from my mother side had a big white sewing machine that she loved, year after year, vacation after vacation we travel all the way from Maturin to Maracaibo that’s almost from one end of the country to the other it always took us two days on our car, we traveled to our hometown to visit our all our family, we always stayed at our grandparents house and i remember that every time I got to their house there she was sewing in her room with a big smile. My grandmother loved to sew nothing made her more happy, sewing was her job, her hobby and her passion one which she was very good at, she use to made all kinds of dresses for all kind of occasions each one of them beautiful and unique like if they came from a big boutique or made by one of the greatest designers on earth,  but what she was best at and what she loved doing the most were wedding dresses, that was her specialty and the also the reason because most of the time she had so much work, lots of women came to her for help with their dresses because they knew that my grandmother would make them the most beautiful and memorable dress, in other words the dress of their dreams. I remember how she always was so focus and dedicated to her work nothing or nobody could distract her, and especially no one can touch her work, I remember times when my sister or cousins started playing with her machine and moving stuff from her table that she was working on thatuse to made her very angry, she protect her work so much because she wanted every piece she made to be perfect and unique that’s one of the reason because she was the best and because I respect and love her so much. Now that I think back my grandmother had a lovely hobby that made her and the people she made the dresses for happy, for that I thinking for the first time that stop sewing had to be the most difficult thing that she had ever do, but as she says her new hobby is taking care of her grandchildren and that no hobby is more important than that, that’s why we all love our grandma so much, just how she love us.

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A Daughter's Love

Every tear you'd cry

I'd wish I wasn't the reason why,

You sat alone at night

After every little fight.

I can't remember when I was little

All those memories have dwindled.,

Maybe you were happy then

Unlike now when you try to pretend.

You hold on so tightly

Although you die inside nightly,

Maybe they can't see

Or maybe it's just me.

A strength so strong,

Always trying to right the wrong,

Even though what you do

Can sometimes backfire on you.

The heart of an angel,

One made of gold,

Capturing so many souls

That you forever hold.

A broken soul

Just like the rest,

But out of us all

You are the best.

Trying so hard

To hold us all together,

Even though it doesn't work

I'll love you forever.

My mother,

Who carried me through the yers,

Holding me up,

Chasing away the nightmares.

When I was little

And I'd cry at night,

You were always there

To hold me so tight.

Every promise that never came true,

Despite everything

I could always count on you

To pull me through.

My angel,

Sent to me from above,

There's nothing that couldn't be fixed

With one of your hugs.

Even though we fight

I'm proud to call you mine,

My mother and world

Until the end of time.

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Last Christmas was his last



I know you cannot see it

Through your teary clouded eyes

Or hear in the silence when you don’t pick up the phone

I know you have no idea that when we went to gather his things from his school

Listened to his fellow teachers praise him

Read the notes on the chapel door

I felt like I didn’t belong

Like I had no right to want his things

Sit in his chair

Smell his cologne bottles

How when I was little I adored him

Ho I remember how he smelt even back then

How he was my favourite human being

How the only reason I wanted to come visit when I was little was to see him

How sometimes I would dream of switching him with my father

Like they do with babies at birth on TV

How my only happy childhood memories all include him

How he would play with my sister and I on the floor at Pipi’s

How he let us keep that barking dog that walked

How he gave me the tiny panda the year Pipi died

You have no idea

No clue

That you robbed me of my uncle

You see nothing but you

You have no idea how it felt when you cancelled family Christmas last year

Because I added my aunt to facebook and that offended you

You have no idea what you have cost my family

My father

My sister


I know you cannot see through your teary clouded eyes

Or hear past the sounds of your own arrogance

But the only reason why we do not have photos of all of us last Christmas is you



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angyr angry angry angry angry sad angry 

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