Evil Inside

The Devil Within 'Torture ReVamped'


The Devil Within.
'Torture ReVamped'

Failed at everything I've tried to obtain,
fled enough nightmares to go insane.
So I chase the disappointment with this opiate,
so that I don't end up blowing out my brains.

I end up hurting those who get to close,
walking around in a daze with no pulse
and the more you struggle the deeper you sink
a monster quickly being pushed to the brink.

“In the Darkness of this night.
Tie me up, and tare out my heart
beat me, use me and let it start
cut me and gut me let me know the fear,
understand the irony as I hang like a dead deer.”

If I had listened to these voices in my head,
each and everyone of you would be dead
going postal, a mass extinction
you would even be giving me a reason.
A cancer to life itself you've become a disease
and compared to living among the insane,
hell would be a breeze.

“Your greatest foe will be your own reflection,
your greatest weakness is your own obsession.
Born to sin while finding the devil within.”

Life and death at our finger tips,
where love and hate will never escape your lips.
I tried being what it is you wanted,
but I'll be damned if I'll die polishing my own coffin.

Trapped in a world that has gone insane,
within a society that thrives off your own pain.
How can it possibly get any better?
Are you ready for the triple header.
Step up to the plate, just watch the chaos we create.

“In the distance I can hear the beating of the drums,
the death songs being sung.
How can you possibly think any of this is fun?
Would you be laughing staring down the barrel of a gun?
Will you regret anything you have done?”

With hands of god, we act like children in our head
to weak to stand on our own feet
we believe every lie they spread.
“The deed is done, now I am dead”

You torture yourself everyday,
a masochist to what everyone has to say.
Walking the road of despair
crying about how life just isn’t fair.

“Your greatest foe will be your own reflection,
your greatest weakness is your own obsession.
Born to sin while finding the devil within.”

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Where to start. So once again I've been suffering from writersblock. Was actually surprised I managed to choke this piece out, it's not my best work and infact not vary pleased with how it came out, Not really in sync with the original poem (Torture) this was actually going to be a new poem, however decided mix the two and ended up with this.. However though it's finished and while I do not like modifying my poems once they are completed, I may decide to revamp this one again haha.. Your thoughts?

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Evil Inside

Volume Three

“Evil Inside”

“The serpent awaits it's prey, to dine on the delicacy of the day”

I've searched the nature of evil,
It's somewhere off route 666;
between the crossroads of bowling for your skull
The devil circles me, and dances as my demons lay in wait
using my weaknesses against me, my addictions are their bait.
This is the nightmare that becomes the reality I create.

“There exists a demon who hides within my heart,
it claims it's dominion as it resides within my art.”

I slipped and fell, a journey once again to the depths of hell.
The suffering, endless torment and always the reminder of the regret.
How one little mistake, can cause the mind to break
There is only so much a simple man can endure, can take

“There exists a demon, who hides within my mind
it's realm, it's reach, resides beyond that of time”

I have lost my way, blinded I've lost my direction
trapped by my own shadows, suffocated by that vary darkness.
Where temptation is being whispered into my ear,
Seducing me to my every obsession.
To only wake in peace, would be my dieing wish
yet it's a forgotten relic that no longer exists.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The placeing of this piece was hard, I was origionally going to save this for a series on my "Morbid Devices" collection, however I decided to place it as the first in my third vol. I still may spotlight it in the series... I hope you find it interesting and a good read.

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