Evil Inside

Volume Three

“Evil Inside”

“The serpent awaits it's prey, to dine on the delicacy of the day”

I've searched the nature of evil,
It's somewhere off route 666;
between the crossroads of bowling for your skull
The devil circles me, and dances as my demons lay in wait
using my weaknesses against me, my addictions are their bait.
This is the nightmare that becomes the reality I create.

“There exists a demon who hides within my heart,
it claims it's dominion as it resides within my art.”

I slipped and fell, a journey once again to the depths of hell.
The suffering, endless torment and always the reminder of the regret.
How one little mistake, can cause the mind to break
There is only so much a simple man can endure, can take

“There exists a demon, who hides within my mind
it's realm, it's reach, resides beyond that of time”

I have lost my way, blinded I've lost my direction
trapped by my own shadows, suffocated by that vary darkness.
Where temptation is being whispered into my ear,
Seducing me to my every obsession.
To only wake in peace, would be my dieing wish
yet it's a forgotten relic that no longer exists.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The placeing of this piece was hard, I was origionally going to save this for a series on my "Morbid Devices" collection, however I decided to place it as the first in my third vol. I still may spotlight it in the series... I hope you find it interesting and a good read.

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