silent warrior

the road to
is paved with
the thorns
that prick
the most tender
places in the


our yearning to
fill what it is
that we cannot
see is already
there, can
show to us,
a ghastly reflection
of who we are
in ways that
compel us to
project our
darkest side
onto others
in an attempt
to run from
our personal


and all the while,
we smother the
quiet voice
that tells us
the things we


...that we are
human beings,
unique, and


...that the doors
to opportunity
for both denial
and a chance
for love are
always open...


...and that the
only real war
that matters
is the one we
choose to partake
in with ourselves...


...and that it is
through embracing
our very flaws,
and human frailties
that we arrive
at being what is
referred to as
'whole and
authentic' loving,
sentient beings.



6:35 PM 5/10/2013 ©

Author's Notes/Comments: 

the psyche, the soul, the purpose, individuality, duality, life.

Trying to balance my life like a Libra

I have a duality with heaven and hell
where i dwell
Gods angels fell
and some live to tell

others die with the appetite of God
hold my intelligence type Nimrod
handling hunger with wisdom and data
i tame lower self cause reputations matter

fills in my mental rotation like a batter
working on self rather
trying to parallel with destiny
demons in my head always want to mess with me

nobody remembers #2 so be #1
lifestyle you live when you are the son of a gun
can't run your blood turns powder
ready to blast gun clap whose mind sounds louder

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