Never Ending Cycle

Self Loathing

Never Ending Cycle



This life wrapped in disappointments

This life dressed in shame

These demons have surfaced

Hands red with blame


There comes a time to realize

You’re not who you tried to be

All the dreams you set on high

Forever lost at sea


Thoughts are a constant battle

Inside your own four walls

Questioning everything you’ve done

And if you’re worth anything at all


No longer in control

Drowning with the rain

Never more certain

That I’ve never been sane








Author's Notes/Comments: 

..demons within.

small, medium or large?





 it isn't that 


anyone's mind 


is being read


that  just isn't possible


same as blue 


isn't red




but it's because


when you're close


to the universe's needs


what you ask will 


be answered


wrapped up gently


in love's seeds






patience must be learned


the guidance can be thin


you can't rush it you have to wait


for it to surface from within






9:46 AM 7/6/2013










Author's Notes/Comments: 

what some mediums say

I Understand More Than You Are Aware Of

If it's no to the god pod, and no tc,

It is you who will choose,

Your own destiny,

To be with thugs.

And then wonder and whine,

And feel 'unworthy' of my hugs,

You've made this prison in your mind.


Going south will be certain,

You'll find more of the same,

Don't be surprised,

If you get caught in their game,

If you really want changes,

For the good in every way,

Make up your mind,

To stand on firmer ground today.


Stand on your own,

Face what's inside,

There is nothing wrong,

With wanting to hide,

When all is against you,

And when not one gives a care,

Maybe things will be clearer,

For your soul then to bare.


You cannot blame anyone,

We all get what we ask,

If you make the wrong choice,

It's not mine, but your a**.


Others are doing,

What you claim can't be done,

It isn't impossible,

It's just not going to be 'fun'.


Don't try to make excuses,

That any of this is for my protection,

Cause there's too many people,

Holding up my true intentions.




5:34 PM 6/25/2013 ©




Author's Notes/Comments: 

Understanding comes from a willingness to understand, and being able to see the forest for the trees, and not just what you want to see. This poem is about something I am being made to deal with due to a situation beyond my control.

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silent warrior

the road to
is paved with
the thorns
that prick
the most tender
places in the


our yearning to
fill what it is
that we cannot
see is already
there, can
show to us,
a ghastly reflection
of who we are
in ways that
compel us to
project our
darkest side
onto others
in an attempt
to run from
our personal


and all the while,
we smother the
quiet voice
that tells us
the things we


...that we are
human beings,
unique, and


...that the doors
to opportunity
for both denial
and a chance
for love are
always open...


...and that the
only real war
that matters
is the one we
choose to partake
in with ourselves...


...and that it is
through embracing
our very flaws,
and human frailties
that we arrive
at being what is
referred to as
'whole and
authentic' loving,
sentient beings.



6:35 PM 5/10/2013 ©

Author's Notes/Comments: 

the psyche, the soul, the purpose, individuality, duality, life.


Earth, sky, universe, why?
God, spirit, under lies.


Words cried out in such defense,
Like theives, replace our innocence.


Ocean, mountains, beautiful tree,
Why is it there's no harmony?


Wars, symbols, meanings astray,
I wish all except unity would just go away.


Learn to find the silent inner space,
And experience what you have been calling 'grace'.


6:07 PM 5/1/2013

Author's Notes/Comments: 

the silent world within.

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