Such a Dark World


The worlds such a dark place
So full of mystery no one will know
I try to get how people feel
but it ends up that  I can't
no one can, but yet I'll keep trying
I will not stop trying to help till im dead
I wont give up on life till evreyone is happy
this is a hard thing for me to write
but I hope I can enjoy this for years to come

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just ya, something I wanted to say...

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I Am Poet

I am poet.

I know how you feel

because I feel for you.

If not now, in time

I will nail you to your

emotional wall. Skewered,

like shiskabob, we 

will meet mind to mind.

And how is it that

I will know how you feel?

I'm a poet.


Stella L. Crews




Lady A