this world

open door's

These word's is all I have left in me
These word's is all I have, its not hard to see

This world take's more of me
This world took all of me

This world
Left me without feeling's
These word's
Has no meaning

Ripped apart
Taken by storm
Feeling's can't be ignored

Once more these word's in this world is all I have can't you see

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The salt burns the open wounds

Wounds you never knew you had

Scars you thought had healed

It burned because it was real

It stung because it was needed

Like setting a fire for warmth

Holding old snow because it was pretty

You had wished for it

You had wanted it

And now that it is there for you

You don't know what to do with it

Do we put the fire out and clean the snow

Or do we let it burn and embrace the cold? 

Out of Sync

Feel so out of sync with time

stood still as it moved by
the wind through trees, could barely hear it
moonless night, could barely see it
Feel like in a dream 
face is old but mind is young
Happenings occur but nothing changes 
Cannot control the nights story 
The reality feels so scary
Choices will be made, paths taken
Only once, the clocks keep ticking
can never go backwards