ridiculous cards

The Card Game

It's such a stupid thing to feel so ashamed about,
To top it off, I then sit for days and pout,
On top of the initial event, I then feel ridiculous,
I can't help if I'm just not that meticulous.

I try my best to be exact,
Now, I'm not perfect, and that's a fact,
But when it happens, I overreact,
I could just scream at the things I lack.

I wish to heaven there was a cure,
I pretend it doesn't matter, but I rush for the door,
And even still, I manage to go for more,
But for awhile, I keep away from the store.

The dreaded moment when it happens so quick,
It feels so shocking, like you were hit with a brick,
Sometimes I forget where my name was signed,
And this nightmare begins when my card is DECLINED.



Copyright 2013

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