Poker Rooms Announce New Terms for German Players

Major Poker Ops Reconsider Their Offer in Germany


According to the latest news, which can be found here many leading poker rooms reconsider their services in Germany.

This reconsideration is the result of the recently announced 5.3% levy on two verticals – digital poker and slot machines. The tax came into force on July 1, together with GlüStV 2021 – the Gambling Treaty.


Unibet and PokerStars were the first to announce changes


This topic, much-discussed in many casino news became a negative change for major poker rooms and their German players. 


Unibet and PokerStars – the largest players in the poker market – have announced how they will continue their operation in the country. Unibet, for example, partially left the market. Although the provider hasn’t blocked the full access to the website, now players will be able to use only some of its services. However, the main bad news for them is that they can’t benefit from the loyalty program. In addition to this, they were left without single-game poker matches and cash games.


Almost the same terms have been announced by PokerStars. The poker room has recently confirmed that users from Germany will be limited in terms of the website’s services. According to the company’s post in the blog, it had the hope that everything could change in the country’s taxation system. However, the new gambling law approved stated tax rates. This made the poker room reduce its offering ultimately. Now the website users from Germany won’t be able to participate in high- and medium-stake cash games. Moreover, the operator had to put limits on bets in some cash games:


  • no-limit hold ’em – one dollar;
  • six-plus no-limit hold ’em – two dollars;
  • set limit games – three/six dollars;
  • Spin & Go – fifty dollars.


It isn’t the only change made by PokerStars as it has reconsidered many of its services for German players as well.


In its announcement, the poker room has adduced reasons for its decision, explaining that the devastating tax law makes it not profitable for a company to provide such products in this market.


Other poker rooms followed the example of PokerStars. GGPoker, partypoker, and Betsson were the next to announce their decision to revamp their poker offering in Germany. Partypoker also published information on its website, stating that it changed its Sit-and-Go tournaments and cash games. It means that German players will be able to place only two-five-dollar bets. As for Sit-and-Go poker matches, participants will need to pay an extra 5.3% added to the entry fee. The operator promised not to quit the German market and do everything possible to remain compliant with the requirements.

GGPoker, in its turn, prohibited access to its VIP cash games and some of the poker room’s functions. High-roller matches also won’t be available to users from Germany as well as entry to their satellites. Betsson has made a categorical decision and announced that it will leave the market because of high taxes.


Most likely that it isn’t the end of the story, and poker operators will continue to adapt to the German conditions. GGPoker representatives have said that they will make another important announcement in July, and Betsson is considering the opportunity to switch to the land-based format.


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That's right 
I call you down to the river
The pain don't stop till 
The dealer delivers 
You pocket aces
Mine it don't matter
I get your money
You leave shortly after
Flop you a set to give me the lead
Straight flush draws
Open ended
boy!!! im going to make you bleed
Let you Bet into me as I turn the nuts
Got you right where I want you
For you...this is going to suck
So I put you all in 
Told you it was going to be tough
You make this call only if you
Think it's a bluff
Ship it
Cause it's mine
Your money is
My money
It's just a matter of time
You will leave 
But ill still call you a friend
Maybe buy you a drink with my OPM
Other people's money
Cause that's what it is
If you see me at the table 
I'm just trying to live
It's other people's money
So it's a must that I win
If the results say different 
You can find me back at it again.
Not unpredictable
Never superstitious 
It's the taste of money
Em em delicious 
It motivates
Keeps me up till late
Always time to make 
OPM equals 
Results... from the end of the day
If your with me
Come join my parade 
Cause it's going to be a journey
Never to be just a phase
I like it my way
Author's Notes/Comments: 

Other people's money

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Seven Duce

Time for change

Ace jack is the hand
I get beat up and  I can't
Make good decisions...
Flop comes Jack, three, eight
I decide to slow play so I check and wait...
He bets out... I have to call
Turn comes a Ace and I feel strong
So I check to string him along...and his bet gets
Bigger... I call 
To see the river...
Turning over a seven
Now I have to bet
As he goes over the top...
I can't just stop
So I raise to see him bet
His whole stack...
I hate ace jack...cause now I know
He flopped a set
I can't believe I raised his original bet
Now I'm forced to lay down
And regret
Playing this hand has made me sweat
After folding face up I wish I could forget
But it's stuck with me deep
Inside my head
I hate Ace Jack
I wish I played Seven Duce instead...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Don't forget bad beats and always remember great lay downs :)

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All In


Everything about what
You do don't make sense to me
Can't put together these reactions
Gotta think back and see


So I call... you
Cause I don't  believe
Now I call you
Base on the information Iv received 

I don't know why you did what you did
Just don't make sense at all
I need a little more information
So I go in the tank to see what I saw


So I call... you
Cause I still don't believe
Now I call you
Cause that's the read Iv retrieved 

Your emotions are strong
But I feel a weakness
And your scare
I don't mean to take so long
By putting this story together
Fades fair
I try to pull the trigger
But part of me hates to and most of me just don't care


So I call... you
Now I know i made the right choice
So I call you
Cause the tells are written in your voice


So I
And You muck it right away
I'm glad I called you
Based on the information I had gained
Now I know you were just protecting 
A hand that was great!!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

It's just a game... Or is it!!!

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Patients is the game
Waiting to attack
Leaving one in pain
Trapping hands is whats at stake
Shuffling chips to hide the heart rate
Bluffing only when you find the spot
Monster stacks put you at the top
Limping in to make a move
Reraising when your in the grove
Check to slow down the action
Showdown to receive satisfaction
All in to get the rooms attention
The nuts you got did I forget to mention
Tilt is what you put him in
Cause you ended on top with another win
52 cards and no joker
It's called Texas Holdem poker!!!
Are you in?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A game I could play for life :) I live it I breath it I loves it...

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Yellow Ducky

Yellow Ducky all alone
No friends, no cares
Ducky only groans
With life thats unfair

Red sunshades on
Belly big and round
Where's ducky gone?
I've looked all around

Off to fat cat cafe
Quarter shining
Waddling to the bay
Lifes intertwining

Smoke filled air
Laughter and dreams
Bourbon and music blare
Vodka streams

Poker Games calling
Pots a laughing buddha
Watch the dice rolling
Hears what he shulda

Big slick, Apple jack
Ducky's lucky day
Starlight pack
Nothing does he say

Jazz like moonlight
Shining silver sax
Gamblers delight
Jukebox tracks

Yellow Ducky all alone
No friends no care
Ducky only groans
With life that's unfare

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Poker Lover

Sad Love Poems

Never interested in losing but I'm losing interest // Realizing hooking up ain't get us closer it was jus ruining our friendship // Going from the nikka who always on ur mind to the guy who was barely mentioned // Though the lasting session of our relation taught me an early lesson // It ain't take away from that feelin of the great depression // but this aint 1929 ,and losing u left me wit nothing .. Great rescession // All those lies and how u hide them nice .. // O as I start to leave now u cry? // But when I was with you, you gambled our love treated my heart like a 6 sided dice // But enough of blowin for gud luck cuss now that u rolled the dice it ain't a gud look ended up being snake eyes // So no more fake cries bitch u don't kno how many times I looked passed the why's // and the how comes ate up ur lies but now look at the outcome // always told u never to play me cuss u wouldn't be the only one laughin // Treated r relationship like a game of spades gambled our love Away // but it's ok cuz now i dont want u back // u used to be my queen of hearts but now u ain't jack // cus I'll remain the king now u jus a dub like i said u ain't no queen of anything // now u jus resort to clubs looking for love .. // Used to think no one would take her place have to admit u kept a good poker face // but Again u should've never started lyin and to think I almost gave u that diamond // yea u played those player cards correct, never wanted to leave her but I opened my eyes and saw u were the dealer // the luck been gone there ain't no more clovers so enough of the poker ur cards just ran out and u left as a joker .. // & now it's priceless that look on ur face // yea I used to be ur ace but at da end u the one who loses // so for now I gotta get someone better and chuck up those deuces.


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