Camping By jfarrell


By jfarrell


“Toast. A nice golden brown colour, please.”

A blue jet of flame incinerates my bread on it’s skewer.

I brush away my singed eyebrows

And look at Karla.

“Can we try that again please, without the cremation?”


Karla bathes the second slice

Within a warm orange flame.


I run over, hug Karla

And give her a big kiss on the cheek.


Karla burps in embarrassment

And a blue jet of flame incinerates my tent.

“Hmmmm… Okay, maybe we won’t go camping this easter…

“How about finding some bridges….

“to redesign in your unique fashion.”



Author's Notes/Comments: 

james stewart never had to put up with his rabbit burning everything, hehe

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This Thanksgiving the kids are off camping in a tent that’s waterproof

While Deborah and I are staying dry under the safety of our roof.


Yes, when you reach a certain age it is comfort that impels

For we now spend our time camping at home or in hotels. 


Which leads me to wonder while I lounge before the fire with my wife

About the evolution of camping in my family and my life.


When I was young camping meant that overnight was spent

Outside in a sleeping bag, next to the campfire with no tent.


We graduated to those heavy canvas tents, the kind that in the rain would sweat

And you didn’t touch them from your spot on the floor unless you wanted to get wet.


You’d pack it up when you got home spread it out to dry and then....

Hope it wouldn’t be wet or smelly when you to set it up again.


Next came nylon tents, they were easy and they were light

They came standard with a hole in the top so you could see the stars at night.


For these tents you didn’t have to know how to tie all kind of knots

And our sleeping bags were off the floor as we each had our own cots.


The reason: when we were a little older after waking up one morning sore

Deborah and I decided we would no longer sleep upon the floor.


Tents remained light and easy but for our temperament and welfare

We ditched our cots for mattresses we could now blow up with air.


But tents were becoming the minority as it seemed what now cropped up

Were people pulling campers that they parked and then popped up.


Worse as we looked around the campgrounds we felt disadvantaged and deprived

Because now most people our age were in campers that you drive.


“You call that camping!” we would scoff as they turned on their porch light

“They don’t even have to leave their camper to use the bathroom through the night.”


“They eat at tables, sit on cushions, use metal utensils and decorate with flowers

They watch TV, play video games, sleep in beds and use indoor showers.”


But secretly Deborah and I were through roughing it--we wanted to be pampered

Though we also realized there was no way we could ever afford a camper.


Don’t worry Deborah I comforted when we knew our camping days were through

When we travel we’ll make sure our hotel has a great view.


We told our children who are all grown up about our decision to no longer camp

We gave them our tent, our mattresses, and our favorite Coleman lamp.


“Won’t you miss it?” our children asked as they somehow failed to see

That we’ll wake up in a comfy bed with Wi-Fi and cable TV.


What about that great bacon smell that wafts through the camp all day?”

“I’ve got that covered,” as I showed them my can of bacon spray.


Yes this Thanksgiving as our children take their tent and off they roam

We’ll be sending them best wishes from the comfort of our home.


Darwin understood evolution and what it means for me and you


I’m sure he’d understand that camping goes through evolution too.

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The night was young,

And crickets' song was being sung,

Fireflies hovering beyond

In the nearby wooded lot,

And my cares and worries I forgot,

The campfire flickering,

Its crackle is heard through 

A heavy green canvas pup tent,

My thoughts wandering, 

My mind pondering,

An astral stroll beyond the forest's waning whispers,

And a venture out into the edge of stillness, 

The allure of oneness with nature finds you,

And out we float off into peaceful     s

                                                                      l                        e    r.

                                                                             u            b








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sitting in a box for the summer solstice


Why am I not watching the moon,

on this summer solstice night?

I can't figure out why I sit inside,

instead of celebrating its light.


In a moment, I'll go check it out.

But it will only be for a minute or two.

For I'll be out there on the concrete.

And that will be uncomfortable.


Besides, I'm kinda tired.

I had an eventful day.

And soon I'll need to get some rest.

But I'd rather go out and play.


Actually, I'd prefer to be camping.

Sleeping beneath the stars.

Today, I was in the perfect place,

But instead I came home in my car.

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"So do I"

"So Do I"

Remember when we fished that stream,

when pink and purple Mountains gleamed!

The woods of pine, that smell pine scented!

The Hummingbirds, the cool winds send.

The red flowers that wild grew,

the camp we sat up and Bears ran through?

Remember when Snow began to fall?

Long walks, down Museum's hall.

Remember when the car got stuck,

That great old man in his pick up truck?

The three-legged dog, blind in one eye.

When we would sit and wonder why?

Remember when?


" So do I!"

William J. Roney III

Copyright ( C ) 2019


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