Look into abyss,

it stares back at you 


The moon is bright in

the night


The stars fall from the



The coyotes howl 

into the blackness 


The cemetery;

they are waking from the grave 


Remnants of lost souls

haunt the wicked heart


The living dead are spooked in 

their beds


No rest,

nightmares continue 


Frankenstein has escaped

from the mental hospital 


The souls from the wicked 

are ripped from their bodies 


Grim reaper comes to collect 

the unpaid debts


New bodies buried in graves;

the mortician is busy


Devil never sleeps,

no one is safe 


New cities of tombstones,

monuments of the damned 


Lost wailing souls

echo through the chasms of the earth


Inferno is below,

fire and brimstone


There they Pay

the price  


There they face their






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Fighting for their 

spot in the kingdom of hell 


Husks of bodies

without souls 


Collected in the urn

of their master


Machines without 



Cold blooded



Buried in their



Fighting for their status

in the pyramid scheme of nothingness 


Life without meaning,

those who have not the son


Mummified being,

without the breath of life




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Dogs of The Dead

Worn out,


sold your soul for a check,

now you have to stay in bed 


There is no sunshine,

only dark clouds over your head,

rains everyday,

no getting away


The slow rot

and descension into madness,

living on the edge of the abyss,

waiting to jump off the cliff


Walk the plank,

black spot,

marked for death,

fed to the crocodiles,


River runs red,

murky waters of violence,

there they toss their dead

and the living who do not consent 


Slowly being mummified,

inside out,

dogs stand by guarding your tombstone 

for your departure into the underworld 


You exist as dead

awaiting hell

and the day of judgement

having chosen the creature over the creature,


The dogs guard your grave,

so when you are buried they can dig up your rotten corpse

and tear it to pieces

You are their food,

you are a soul 

to be devoured

to be killed



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The Pendulum

Abyss of myself,


black holes of nothingness


bottomless pits of demons


endless nights of terror,


monstrosities lurk beyond


pendulums of clocks 


Swinging back and forth


hours of wasted time


trolls under the bridge


waiting for their fodder


consumption of the soul


black hearts with nothing better to do


devouring themselves in their idleness,


Burnt to crisps in their furnace


agonizing unable to die.








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Halloween De Ja Vu

Its already 

halloween again


Its already been a year

since I killed you on that day


and It feels like I was just there

and now here I am at it again


Carving messages into bodies

repeating history in your name



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Buried for centuries in the ground,

waiting to be summoned again


Archaic wars which man seemed to win

will be restarted,


blood sucking feasts will commence

and terror will reign in the streets


nothing to stop the flood which will come

when man is asleep in his bed


Vampires shall make slaves

of this pathetic human race


when blood is spilled into the challice,

we shall live again!!!!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by Underworld

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The Host

Parasitic infection

underneath the skin,


Feeling them creep and crawl;



Living breathing monsters

taking the host for a ride


In control of the biology

they poison the soul


Eating away at the flesh

and the blood

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its alive"

but barely



to exist

in this cold

cruel world


looking for a home,

he roams like

the beast he is


like some derelict

abandoned canine

he consumes anything

he can sink his teeth into


but still not enough to satisfy

the intense hunger, which irks

at his being. 



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without consent;


Degraded to the point

of suicide


Taken advantage of;



Turned into meat sausage;

robbed of your humanity


Stolen soul;

unfortunate event


Lamenting youself;

your own private hell


Can't cope with the feelings;

the only release is a killing

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