Dogs of The Dead

Worn out,


sold your soul for a check,

now you have to stay in bed 


There is no sunshine,

only dark clouds over your head,

rains everyday,

no getting away


The slow rot

and descension into madness,

living on the edge of the abyss,

waiting to jump off the cliff


Walk the plank,

black spot,

marked for death,

fed to the crocodiles,


River runs red,

murky waters of violence,

there they toss their dead

and the living who do not consent 


Slowly being mummified,

inside out,

dogs stand by guarding your tombstone 

for your departure into the underworld 


You exist as dead

awaiting hell

and the day of judgement

having chosen the creature over the creature,


The dogs guard your grave,

so when you are buried they can dig up your rotten corpse

and tear it to pieces

You are their food,

you are a soul 

to be devoured

to be killed



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I did get glimpses of ancient

I did get glimpses of ancient Egypt here, but overall the mixed motif was muddled. 

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The damned are already dead.

The damned are already dead. Mummies living out their lives. They are like dogs or animals just living a carnal existence. Dogs  or jackals were known to dig up dead bodies and eat them. The ancients thought the dogs were guarding their graves and their descent into the underworl. Thats where the myth of Anubis comes from. Little did the Egyptians know was that underworld they were preparing for was the fires of Tartarus, not a peaceful after life.