The Pendulum

Abyss of myself,


black holes of nothingness


bottomless pits of demons


endless nights of terror,


monstrosities lurk beyond


pendulums of clocks 


Swinging back and forth


hours of wasted time


trolls under the bridge


waiting for their fodder


consumption of the soul


black hearts with nothing better to do


devouring themselves in their idleness,


Burnt to crisps in their furnace


agonizing unable to die.








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The Stuff of Revivals

s'been a while since I heard a hell fire and brimstone sermon. Hallelujah! - slc

              BLACK LIVES MATTER!

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Thank You I appreciate your

Thank You I appreciate your support and feedback. I'm kind of anti-social so sometimes I don't reply to comments. 

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Morbidly apathetic, yet

Morbidly apathetic, yet packed with emotion <3