Look into abyss,

it stares back at you 


The moon is bright in

the night


The stars fall from the



The coyotes howl 

into the blackness 


The cemetery;

they are waking from the grave 


Remnants of lost souls

haunt the wicked heart


The living dead are spooked in 

their beds


No rest,

nightmares continue 


Frankenstein has escaped

from the mental hospital 


The souls from the wicked 

are ripped from their bodies 


Grim reaper comes to collect 

the unpaid debts


New bodies buried in graves;

the mortician is busy


Devil never sleeps,

no one is safe 


New cities of tombstones,

monuments of the damned 


Lost wailing souls

echo through the chasms of the earth


Inferno is below,

fire and brimstone


There they Pay

the price  


There they face their






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