Enjoy the Show

Ritually sacrificed;

your body is drawn and quartered,


Left over scraps of your rotting flesh

are fed to his maniacal swine


Sitting on his throne, he drinks his wine

and enjoys the marvelous show, 


Getting off on this kind of joke,

there are no ends to his demented perversions,







Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by Mason Verger from Hannibal.

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Opening the holes;

the wounds,

removing the bandages,

and letting the infection set it:



Sawing off the leg,

pitch black,

through the skin;

the infested flesh,

with no anesthetic,

the patient feels every

bit of it,


Black blood drips

to the unsanitary floor,

and clots below


The patient wriths

in pain,

at the amputated limb,


I pore rubbing alcohol

on the stub to end the



Lights go out,

eye lids close,

the immense pain;

the patient dies.





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The Mummy

In darkness we find ourselves wondering
where our path may take us,
damaged goods we try to make due with
what we have,

Every day: a challenge of will,

so much accumulation of pain

in such a short time,

You pick your self up

and try to accomplish the task,

but you have barely anything left

in the way of care

Barely there, a hollow burnt out shell,

a mummy clinging to life,

but just as well a pile of dust,





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Naked Bodies trapped in a web;

food for the undertaking

deep within this infested abyss,


Giant spiders returning to their nest

to consume their newly aquired fresh meats,

devouring them one by one 


screams, as the corpes are torn apart

with their pincers as blood sploshes

to the rocky floor below.













Author's Notes/Comments: 
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The Shed

Covered in cobwebs,

naked rotting corpses,

left for who knows how

long in an old oak shed

nestled deep in the wilderness,

imprisoned in this layer

until they are discovered by 

some unknowing curious cat

wishing to know what lies inside

of there. 

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No Sanctuary for the Wicked

Burnt at the stake,

a public spectacle,

to watch the heretic go up in flames


Do not turn your eyes away,

you must see it all,

you must watch her burn


For those who question god

never learn, 

and so the punishment fits the crime


Because, once the judgement has been passed

there is no sanctuary remaining


But only the wrath of god left to come down on them

so that they can taste the fires of hell once and for all!!!







Author's Notes/Comments: 


Channeling my inner Disney Villain.

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Forensic Vomitory Nightmare

The putrified Corpse

had already decomposed

at an alarming rate


Maggots had 

eaten already worked

their way into the victims eyes


Still laying there 

on the bed from when his throat

had been slit


Like a baloon the corpse

had already blown up like a whale


He was downed to blow at any time,

we would have to deflate him in the autopsy


Removing the skin from one of his hands

and putting it on like a glove I was able to get fingerprints



Author's Notes/Comments: 
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The Wendigo

Engorging on the flesh,

stripping meat from bone,

blood to drink quenches my

thrist, always the drive to

find another victim, always

the smell coming from afar

to intrigue my appetite for

fresh meat,


This addiction never ends,

hunger forever until death,

never enough to fill my

stomach, always coming

back for more, it is my

purpose to kill,

my song is eternal,

memories of thousands,

who have been consumed,

these notes heard for miles

and miles, knowhere to hide

is there, when a beast such

as I haunts the forest



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30 min. Horror Show

Blood and Gutz!

Itz a Zombie Whore!


Grab the Boom Stix!

Start your Saw!

Fuck Your LIFE!

We'll have a BAWL!

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