The Doctor is In

Going to hell

every single day


Burning inferno

never ending pain


Can't die because I've

already passed away


Chains rapped around my body,

hooks inserted into my face


The agony can not be comprehended

when your soul has been turned inside out


When you have been mutiliated again and again

and you wish it was just a bad dream


But as hard as you try to deny the truth

and close your eyes 


And take your mind somewhere else

You are always taken back down to reality,


To face the horror

of your existence







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molting the cocoon


Cybernetic implants inserted

into your flesh


Your arms and legs amputated

and replaced


All this happening while you

are still awake


the horror of this rape


But nothing you can do

but to take the pain


and watch 

as you are mutilated




Author's Notes/Comments: 
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Grim reaper at your door

unlocked, he walks in.

all is quiet, all is still;

creeping like a lizard,

he slithers into your bedroom;

you sleeping like child,

with dreams of evergreen forests;

he makes his way to your bed

with dagger in hand and stabs

you in the heart multiple times;

again and again,

blood flowling,

sheets stained 

and your lifeless corpse

spreadeagle waiting

for someone to discover



He walks out, still, with dagger

in hand, without a trace,

and leaves, locking your door,

never to be seen again. 

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Down in the Morgue







Bone cutting;

brain revealing


dead eyes staring

up at the light


dead eyes staring

into my life


A victim unknown,

fingerprints cut off


A victim discovered

at the bottom of the river


just Some random person

someone wanted to get rid of 


Just some John Doe,

name unknown




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Blood Spatter

Bloot spatter all over the floors,

all the over the walls


Brain matter potruding out of the hole,

bullet casing next to the eye ball


Blood spatter,

too much of a mess


The investigation just beginning

into who could have done this



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Infected by the necrotizing fascitis;

going to lose a limb,

going to lose a life


Necotizing facitis

infected my mind


Necrotizing facitis

killing me inside


The smell of my rotting flesh;

my fucking rotting stench


fills the air,

a sign of death: to stay away


This premature decay,

this wasted life


There is no hope:

might as well just

shoot me in the head

and turn out the lights


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Empty graveyard

in the dark of the night

but not as empty as you might first suspect


At the whoos of owls

and the howls wolves

the dead beckon


Awoken from their slumber,

this never ending hunger;

the void of death,


These creatures arisen

from their graves,

all rotten and misplaced


Deformed and

ready to feed 


Looking for victims

to consume,


The dead;



Under the sign of a full moon,




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Dead in the Water

Trapped beneath the frozen

lake; drowning in the icy swill


Staring up at the surface;

suffocating, falling


No one to save you

this time


The end of it all;


water entering your mouth


helpless but still conscious


minutes seeming like hours


until finally the light fades from your eyes


and you sink to the bottom like a dead weight


gone forever. 





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Jeepers its the Creeper

Lurking around the corner

never knowing if he's ever really



Occupying the same space with you,

some of kind of foul creature

smoking up the air


Held up in his room,

doing god knows what,


Privacy thrown out the door,

like a robber invading your space


Jeepers its a creeper

yet still stuck on the lease together


Random assignment;

 a hat pick


Life's like a box chocolates

you never what your going to get


Sometimes a friend,

somtimes a creature


You just never really know what your getting when its a creeper. 










Author's Notes/Comments: 

My crazy creepy, crawling roommate from college who never left the apartment.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yPpHyFh2LuU (Scooby Doo)

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