blessed. God

The Artist of Us All

God is an artist.
The earth is his paper.
With his paintbrush,
he painted life,
truth, and
His picture was made for the world to see.
He's just waiting for people to realize the beauty.
Nothing is ugly created by god.
Everywhere you look you can find handsomeness.
If its the Macaws,
flying through a mystic forest,
the polar bears,
venturing through the deep mounds of pure,
or a river continuously at work like it has someplace to be.
All things have potential in the sight of God

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Love Me for Me

Can you begin to know all of my fears?
Have you ever thought of all the pain that I hide?
A face covered on the inside with tears...
just wants to live again tonight.

I can't believe
That you don't know what you have done.
You have broken me!
You've torn me up inside,
made me hate my life,
but most of all you've made me see
that I derserve someone who loves me for me.

I can't begin to know everything about you,
and I have never thought about what scars you might bear.
A soul that fills itself with thoughts untrue...
just wants to believe and hear

that i still believe
That we can live, and we're not alone.
Fear has broken you!
Torn your soul up tonight,
made you hate your life,
and it's making you see too
that you deserve someone who loves you for you...


In all this life all I have seen coming from the other side
are misgiving thoughts from a hopeful mind
that somehow, someday, someone would come along and
make it all worth going through.
I thought that person was you!
I must have been wrong though I have tried to be strong!
I keep forgetting that it's not all about me...

I still believe
that the everlasting God knows what He's doing.
He's carring me,
healing up my insides,
giving me new life,
and most of all He's making me see
that no matter what...He loves me for me!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I think it will speak to itself to those who get it...

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A Blessed Seeking Soul

Poetry Folder.

I have been giving a gift that what seems to me that some might kill for.
A gift that I was blessed with from birth.
A gift that was given "to me" that could only come from above.
Family, Friends, Sisters, Brothers, Teachers, and God fearing people that I could only admire but never obtain.
I have been given a token that , many people tend to lose when this troubled world tears them down.
A place to call home.
A place to lay my confused head upon
Yes... I am fully aware of that matter of fact, every night since the day that a sweet angel whispered in my ear... I Never stopped thanking God and If I so happened to forget...just know I never forgot him.
BUT WITH ALL I HAVE BEEN GIVEN...IT'S NOT ENOUGH to fill my profundity pain.
I have come to realize that, maybe it's not the materialistic things, or the people in my life that can help fill this never ending black hole BUT it is I that must forgive, remember, learn, and grow so I can cure my sick soul.
ALL these years I lived life ignoring and wishing the pain would just disappear.
Praying to God just to take it away pleaseeee... when all he was waiting on was ME now hopefully he can fulfill his deeds and USE ME.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

~ I haven't wrote any "poetry" in awhile but I had to bring my feelings out some how sooo I hope you enjoyed the read and feel free to leave a comment .( Love to get feedback on my poems)~ I know it doesn't really... flow together but I write in the order of my feelings... my own style. :)

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