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Hopeless obsession

The voice or reason

Has fallen upon my deaf ears

As the hand of fate

Pushes me towards my blind ambitions


My illusions of grandeur

Have given rise to malicious intent

To obtain what can never be mine


The allure of its beauty and power

Overwhelms my sense of sanity

And pushes me towards the abyss

Only to be consumed by my hunger to posses it


My only purpose in this twisted reality

Of my so-called life is to hold it again

In my now black heart


But I have reaped what I have sown

And ended up with a harvest

Of pain and regret


Fate has dealt me that proverbial losing hand

And now I must swallow that bitter pill

And try not to choke on my own self-pity


How foolish to have squandered its wealth

And disgraced its purity,

Only now to be left poor and ashamed

For my stupidity and greed


So now here I am

Alone and left wanting

Left with nothing more

Than a hopeless Obsession

A Candlestick

I hold my soul like a candlestick,

Without light, leading me blindly through the darkness,

I stumble and fall

While collecting scars like the medals of a general's jacket,

I ground my base at the bottom of a valley,

As I watch the fires of the world chase through the trees

Glittering the skies with ash, the darkness hides my form.

Although from such treachery, a spark finds the west winds,

Great renegade, deviant, as its angelic dance guides it to the surface.

I stand tall in the darkness, yet I am captivated by this cherry red shooting star,

As so bright to reflect the glow of my withered face.

My wick outstretched, with little thought a jewel so pure, would ever reach my setting

With luck the I find winds begin to shift, as I find your spark fall upon my crown.

I instantly find my world illuminated among the ash.

Your spark chases down my spine,

I tear in awe of the grandeur that you've brought before me

Tears, melting like wax down my face, yet your hands cradle my heart,

Collecting the tears that I've shed for you, they cling to my heart,

As the beauty I see in you, grows and builds around my heart.

For any wind nor wave could smother your flame,

And as the world may fall, our light will shine.



Darkened Masquerade


seperate me as if one of Santas elf

sharpened as if an arrow on ted Nugent's sling

pierce twice as if the dessert below the darkened masquerade

exit stage left on a health care scam

through universal eyes,


Trees hung low in the prison of its deep hidden please lost your keys

shining Heart with the song Baricuda trying to get through to you

climb the ladder to success I must clearly express

those forever eyes


when I look into your eyes it is then I see forever


(C) Mario William Vitale


Striving Hard

Satish Verma

Like inky jet, 
ejected on white paper, 
the cuttlefish 
of a poet― 

was warding off the 
unseen enemy. 
The dry flattened 
chest, would remind you 
of a chalky desert. 
Only cacti grow there. 

You go into a trance, 
then convulsive seizures, with 
a loud scream. You 
invoke the toddler god 
who would kill king cobra 
fifteen feet long.

Silent Prayer

Satish Verma

A manic moon 
in ethereal night- 
supplicating for a single 
cord.Not becoming unfaithful 
to me. 

An empty desire- 
in your absence, remaining 
a secret even to myself. 

Becoming pseudo, full 
of titles, that was not my 
world.I am engulfing my 
achievements away 
from you. 

As the life moves on 
leaving the bloody footprints 
on my chest.I will 
always fight my demons 
with my broken pen. 

Not a blessing I need, 
I want to remain a human being.


Satish Verma

instrusive, was the withering effect, 
questioning the sex. 

Filling the space 
between body and soul, you 
sail into emptiness. 

The mistakes― 
happen in night, sleep. 
Death will drop the stars. 

Ergo, the embedded 
testes will not descend; you 
can kill the sperms of mosquitoes. 

Blueberries, haul you 
up from the darkness. 
You will find your sun now.


Satish Verma

After a little wee, 
I will put the record straight 
by removing your name 
from the hit list. 

No more, the river 
bleeds, chasing the mannerism, 
of falling stones on 
the glass houses. 

A massive selfie campaign, 
overtakes the school bus, 
full of wayward, tipsy 
wandering kids. 

The negativity 
targets the blooms. Roses are 
roses, they will not stop 
sending their compliments.

What Was Not Said

Satish Verma

The cuckoo gives 
a final call. 
Moon was rising. 

Trivialities of the earth 
be aside.My dream 
is going to burst. 

Golden keys in a ring, 
hang down from your neck. 
I am imprisoned again. 

Into some intimate 
moments, I will inject some 
tears.My time has come. 

Where the road 
ends, a tall tree will wait 
for your coronation.

No Reason To Wait

Satish Verma

The vagility 
was close to disaster. 
Standing amid the ruins, 
we were ready to break ourselves. 

We had come afar 
in search of the golden deer, 
which we find now standing dazed 
in the moon's dawn. 

The dark circles under the 
eyes run deep, hiding the babies 
unborn, looking back at the dead, 
living god. 

The sick society now finds 
relief in the screams of 
windows, that will not allow 
the sun to peep in.