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Satish Verma

instrusive, was the withering effect, 
questioning the sex. 

Filling the space 
between body and soul, you 
sail into emptiness. 

The mistakes― 
happen in night, sleep. 
Death will drop the stars. 

Ergo, the embedded 
testes will not descend; you 
can kill the sperms of mosquitoes. 

Blueberries, haul you 
up from the darkness. 
You will find your sun now.


Satish Verma

After a little wee, 
I will put the record straight 
by removing your name 
from the hit list. 

No more, the river 
bleeds, chasing the mannerism, 
of falling stones on 
the glass houses. 

A massive selfie campaign, 
overtakes the school bus, 
full of wayward, tipsy 
wandering kids. 

The negativity 
targets the blooms. Roses are 
roses, they will not stop 
sending their compliments.

What Was Not Said

Satish Verma

The cuckoo gives 
a final call. 
Moon was rising. 

Trivialities of the earth 
be aside.My dream 
is going to burst. 

Golden keys in a ring, 
hang down from your neck. 
I am imprisoned again. 

Into some intimate 
moments, I will inject some 
tears.My time has come. 

Where the road 
ends, a tall tree will wait 
for your coronation.

No Reason To Wait

Satish Verma

The vagility 
was close to disaster. 
Standing amid the ruins, 
we were ready to break ourselves. 

We had come afar 
in search of the golden deer, 
which we find now standing dazed 
in the moon's dawn. 

The dark circles under the 
eyes run deep, hiding the babies 
unborn, looking back at the dead, 
living god. 

The sick society now finds 
relief in the screams of 
windows, that will not allow 
the sun to peep in.

Pack Of Wolves

Satish Verma

You had tasted the 
salt of a viviparous. 
There was no asterisk 
no bluff to cross. 

Why did you turned yourself in, 
when the rock was 
melting? Was't it an act 
of surrender, of sort? 

At the end of the road― 
moon was waiting for 
you. Could you climb the 
night for a rendezvous? 

Coming of age, 
you will not exit the stadium 
till the rape victim is shot dead.

Taking Sides

Satish Verma

Courting the dark words 
picking up from beautiful life, 
I weave the tapestry- 
in circle of silence. 

The liberty of blood 
had become obsolete. 
You wanted one kill, one voice, 
one faith. 

The acid test shoots down 
the black roses.What 
about the mass graves as a 
signature of victory? 

You cannot stop 
the bloodbath.As if a swarm 
of big bees was ready 
to hound you. 

Closing the last window 
I suffer.I would 
never become you.

How Dazed?

Satish Verma

Eons ago, it snapped. 
You don't fit into the mold. 
Like onion peels, I am trying 
to open myself 
holding the secrets. 

you alway had to invoke 
the inner god and― 
forgive yourself. 

With the same 
left foot, always leading you 
to truth. That was not now. 
Your belief was going up in flames. 

Who was sleeping 
in your bed, nude, like the 
moonbeam, when I was not there 
to undemand, the eternal sleep?

I Will Not Be Back

Satish Verma

One small step, in dark. 
A silver of fear 
slaps you. 

You move around 
to confront the past. 
It was the partition of night. 
Cobra white, when 
eyes would not listen. 

You drugged the stone 
on stone, 
hiss on hiss, 
hair on hair. 

I did not touch you 
like burning coal. 

My waterfalls 
on red salt, bring the 
largest tears of moon glittering 
eerie wet.

What You Won't Say

Satish Verma

Don't spell the deportation. 
Mind seems split- 
with a maddening feel. 
Do you see what I see- 

the invisible lines on 
my hand, piercing your heart? 
Do you hear, what I 
hear- the Hum, which has 
made you go crazy? 

Dying to unspeak, you 
hide between the leaves.The 
borrowers come like Crab fish, 
ugly and demanding.River 
bed was drying up. 

Black sticks, things not 
required- get piling up.In 
wheelchair, you push 
a crying doll.