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The King Vultures Are Coming

Satish Verma

The causal effect 
was the kiss of the blind spot. 
I wake up every morning 
smelling blood. 

The space animates you, 
leaving the truth outside. 
An unwritten message was lost 
in the watering eyes. 

The aquaduct dries up. You 
get the cramps of city, 
after the memes of swollen eyes. 
Do not open the umbrella, 
sun was hiding. 

Your brain becomes wired. 
Someone slaps a sticker on your lips. 
You cannot cry. A muffled scream, 
shatters the windows of the capitol.

Violent Flaws

Satish Verma

You call an all night truce 

of all stripes in moonlight. 
Only milk will flow in dark. 

The violets had a secret to tell. 
Tonight the moon will 
appear red after meditation. 

A single parent, gay, has 
come to stay in line 
to accept his godless defeat.

Poem Of Summertime

Satish Verma

And I will hear you 
without noise, 
in the yawn of night 
when I will open 
my wound! 

Burning in the 
intensity of time's blood 
I will not touch 
you in my dreams. 

A fakir wants to leave his skin on the 
rocks in sun to become 
parchment, so that you can 
write your name on it. 

And my vacant eyes 
in summer night, will search 
the legend of undying 
grace, in the wasteland 
of life.

Falling Debris

Satish Verma

Purity of thoughts, 
must limit the knowledge― 

collective withdrawl from 
the valley of words. 

Each life you had changed 
the bed, to meet the god, in different attires. 

Hanged from the roof 
to understand the pangs of poverty. 

The unborn century will wait 
for the collapse of identity. 

Man has gone too far carrying 
the burden of acoustics.

The Reckoning

Satish Verma

It was revenge on you 
by unknown. 
You were sentenced to live before 
the ashes arrive from thumb to thumb. 

The onset of grief 
was caliberated. I would 
not live with a mad weaver 
who will not heal the moral bleeds. 

A line delimits the dots. 
The dance will not begin tonight, 
of democracy. The sparrows 
were frightened. There was blood on the road. 

You want to go into a long sleep. 
The moon had an excuse to rise late. 
The seeds will observe the silence, 
before they come out of the asphalt.

Parting The Ways

Satish Verma

Like wounded tiger, 
going for last innings. 
Like Orpheus listening 
to water, without looking back. 

Will not entrance you 
any more, under the moonscape, 
getting light from 
the nightingale. 

Finding the passage of 
sunrise, I will wait for you 
to come last time- 
for a goodbye. 

Trembling like aspen 
leaf, to steal your aura 
in moonless night, when Milky Way 
will spread the diamonds.

This Universe

Satish Verma

The spirit was not there 
under the skin- 
in grey domain. 
I will not seek any revenge on self. 

The defeat was my solo passage. 
I am still searching 
myself in the crowd. 
More than enough, I had my share of hurts. 

Talking of the innocence 
of a womb, when you were not 
born. The steel in your hair 
and empathy in your tongue. 

A wandering sage will 
not love the fall of night. 
You see better in twilight. The 
shadows give an illusion of angels.


Satish Verma

This was a perception defict 
when only a suicide could stop you. 
From where to where we 
Have come in traumatized stake. 
Black tongues always ruled. No 
rite of passage, where money changers 
speak. How will you cover yourself now? 

Feminized, the dance of wolves. 
Do not throw the chunks of flesh 
in arena― for hubris will 
bring the nemesis. 

The flint makes a pledge. 
When the red rains come and 
overwhelm the innocent earth, 
we will make the tools again.

A Guilt On Trial

Satish Verma

Like a blood sport 
you play with me. 
My thumb bleeds. 

Cannot be salvaged. 
You are put on display 
like lamb meat.. 

Jealousy will ultimately win. 
Uncoupling has started. 

The betrayal hides 
under the lids.Side by side 
are laid the golden chips. 

Now you liberate the unbeliever. 
One day the avalanche will bury the rings. 

Let's not go back to the 
sordid details of relative truths. 
I only wanted to to prove that 
I was wrong. 

Knees broken, I will walk.