My Son

Two years, almost three, and you didn’t learn a damn thing. I have learned everything I needed to know about you. Your anger, your insecurities, all the way to the little bit of lettuce and mayonnaise on your Ham sub (Lightly cooked). You were my son, and I took the place of your father. I hope he’s damned a long life in agony knowing that he created you, you were always so proud of how much you were like him. I praised you when you did good, scolded you when you lost control, I was controlling at times but that’s because I loved you. I want to hate you, but I refuse to, because in my mind you are the prodigal son and you will come back to me. I will accept you because I love you. But no longer will I yearn for you, no longer will I reach for your grasp or stroke my hand upon your back. My hand will be removed from your life, my name will be etched out of your memory, you will starve in the depths of Sheol, this pit of Hell that is your life. My spoken prayers for you will surcease, when you call I will not listen. You will forever rue the day you were born, wishing that maybe your mother didn’t conceive you. Satan will set his traps and you will no longer have a warrior willing to wake you up and protect you. My words you ignored, my pleas you scoffed, my instruction was mocked. God is searching for you, my son, please do not ignore him as you’ve done to me, he loves you so much more. I write this with all the sincerity I can muster, and I just pray that God teaches this lesson, so that I may rest in his embrace once again.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I know I can't do it, I'll just return to my boy.