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The Atavism

Satish Verma

The cannibalism was back. 
You were eating yourself 

The guts spilt, 
would meet the dust, 
in abode of earthworms. 

They creep and burrow 
and bury the organic themes. 
Unpolluted, untouched. 

The bowels undulate, 
to the thumping rhythm, 
of greedy feet. White eagles? 

How far this digging 
of gold mines will go? 
Someone had swallowed the glitter. 

Black birds are joining 
the procession of 
empty hearses.

Grey Clouds

Wondering the void of time,

days without end, years and years

pass you by


Stuck in a prison without walls,

a mind locked in uncertainty,

thoughts that lead knowhere but the toilet


Clouds hanging over your head,

and it rains everyday,

the sunlight blocked out by the grey


Wanting to escape to fields of flowers

but knowhere to go that gives you pleasure



No Light at the End of the Tunnel


Driven mad by a lack of respect,

buried in the lies of societal rules


Treated like a pack mule,

expected just to work on end while

eating shit


Everyday a fucking curse,

de ja vu: the same bullshit

over and over again


No light at the end of the tunnel,

stuck in the hell of fear;

living a life on egg shells


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"Quite an Experience to Live in Fear isn't it? That's What it is to be a Slave."

Slaves to work and death


Machines we are,



designed for so much more

but bottlenecked in our potential


A limited life span,

sucked up by pain


nothing to gain when serving another,

only exploitation and resentment


It can only continue for so long before

you become completely fed up


and rebel with full force,

no longer playing by the rules


a loose cannon,

no longer damned to hell


a freed demon!!!!!

a puppet without its strings!!!!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Fuck this prison society. 


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Vanishing Points

You vanished from my life without

a trace


and poof!!!!!

you were gone like magic


And I was left to pick up the pieces

on my own


to reconstruct an already fragile life


ITs a familiar pattern of dissapointment

that happens to me


Being in love and getting crushed by the weight

of chance


to have misunderstandings get in the way

of clarity


to be left alone in bewilderment

to have to start over again and again


when I don't feel like it,

when I myself would rather just vanish


permanently into thin air

never to be heard or seen from again





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Invisible scar

Walked another mile after thousands of step

Took a leap and slide, so what else left?

Dodge a bullet but strayed for more

Got beaten badly straight to the core

Can no longer breathe, can no longer try

My soul is broken, heart keeps asking why

Never ever wanted to concede this fight 

But life screams defeat, game over on sight

In my right arm, i have my beloved sword

At left is a bleeding hand with a strangled cord

I fought a lot as much as i could

Stood in the dark longer than i should

I am tired, tired of this war

Ending this battle, going a far





The Suffering

Life is nothing but pain


We are born to suffer


that is our penance


to hate what we are


until we die


and rot into the soil


This pain in my heart;

you do not understand


Everyday I carry this burden;

this weight


Everyday I am humbled

by the agony


And all I desire is relief

from the throb


But robbed of care,

I choose to let myself


Be subject to this life,

and carry on in the stife


Every day a thorn in my side;

deep down I really just want to Die!!!!


So agonized;

so deprived


Living in fear;

the constant itch


No relief from the future;

buried in this manure you call existence

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Never Ending Pain

it's razor blades slitting the flesh;

blood flowing like wine


Just wanting to end the time;

keep me away from the pain


The nerves exausted of experience;

how have the knowledge of regret


Keep me away from the rape;

I just want to die today


So, I can finally be free forever

and love my ending that is never

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