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I Will Not Forego

Satish Verma

Walk like me
on burning coals.
You will taste a moon.

A misty link
of inner planet, flaunts
the projectile, going straight
for the sun.

So you believe in
incredible rebirth of darkness
after full moon?

No standoff of this kind
will continue, if the
nightingale returns unveiled.

Infantile ache
spurs again the honeysuckle.
It was red sky after
the sunset.

Pray not crunch
with muffled scream.
There was a rose without thorns.



God I am still not really quite sure why,

You let our paths cross once again,

My heart was sure she would never make me cry,

Or stop wanting to hold my hand,

But here I am again lost and alone,

I cant call and hear her say my name,

I never see her sweet words on my phone,

Everyday we used to play that silly word game,

Maybe you thought we both needed to feel love,

Even if for a short while,

We fit like a perfect glove,

When she was in my heart all I could do was smile,

I hope she finds someone that loves her completely,

Someone that will protect her,

I only wish that someone was me,

But my life failures will never alow that to occur,

So I just keep her in my heart,

The same place she has been from the very start.

Tone Deafness

Satish Verma

Becoming numb to poverty―
in terror mode,
you fluster and behave sensibly.

The anonymous entry
of a walking grief―
covers the violence of words.

Your sun burns without
giving light. You climb your
poem to find the answer.

The eyes shut. You feel
the assault of night. There was
no undying love between the strangers.

The conversation ignites
the sparks. Carbon spreads
on your shirt. The red circle
blunts the knife.

You cannot kill yourself.

Her Knight

Did I not bleed enough?

Did I not sacrifice everything?

Oh God, the things I've done?

Will she even recognize the monster her knight has become?

That stupid girl will blame herself for giving me her world.

I couldn't take away the pain, and I don't care what anyone thinks.

Love was one of God's mistakes.

I still hold on to the moments she made me feel human, and if I had a wish.

I'd wish I knew then what I do now.

Because when my mask hit the ground. I knew, I had let you down.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Letting a little bit of guilt go.

Stone Hearted

Satish Verma

There was nothing left
to say, after the great
decline of humanity.

Knowing yourself,
watching without any action.
Then who triggered the quake?

A little candle in storm.
But the selfish man will
not keep a date.

Migration will
continue towards the edge.
You were not there in my verse, today.

What Happened?

He keeps running from himself, pop the pill lid, those feelings ain't killed yet.

Empty bottles and missed memories, select your ending, what happened to the money I've been sending?

I'm just trying to remember when it was good, I wish I could, your everything I ever misunderstood.

You couldn't keep in check everything you can't forget, and I'm supposed to give you everything you never give back, I just lost someone closer then you and your bullshit.

I'm leaving this time, I'm gonna be disappearing.

I took it further then you, but I'm done with this caring.

Then you say your sorry, bottle in your hand it's the same story.

I should of let go sooner, I've been holding on when I should of said no, your a fucking loser.

Your everything I hated then, with nothing in your future.

I still don't know how you do it. Abuse everything and everyone who cared, until everyone and everything disappears.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was a very emotional one for me.

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Blast Cells

Satish Verma

I forget,
leaving behind― ambiance
of your arms,
burn the windows―
not to come back.

Preparing for
water burial of moral questions,
where the unnamed pledges sit.

Now theft has taken
place of stakes, meant for black lungs.

Tongue sucks the acid
of hairless assault. You
won't subscribe to buy the oral taste.

From trees, death strikes,
without wings. Tears float
with glory.

Will, not count
the ordinal numbers.
There was a zero to begin with.

Straight Edge

No drugs

no alcohol,

no doctors,

no appointments,

no girlfriends,

no relief


Pure Hate,

cold disdain,

Sober and sharp like a straight edge,

razor blade of soul,


Give no fucks,

no apologies,

no remorse,

no guilt,


Straight edge



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Dark Spider

Arrested development

stillborn in the womb

of life; stunted growth,

aborted into the world

to live in the blood


Inhibited by these trivial lusts,

swimming in this sea of sperm,

ejaculating the time that passes

away; evaporating the sun


Masks melt,

disguises are meaningless to my eyes;

ink bleeds through the paper

onto my skin


No fooling the fool,

my eye sees all,

my hated burns,

the magic within


Obiliteration of lies,

spiders cannot entrap

another; my web spins,

I hide in the shadows


Waiting to strike,

biding my time,

becoming stronger,

conserving the fire


Despising those who have

and take for granted my lusts;

crawling on the wall,

invisible to them.


Night, my face,

darkness my skin,

no rest for the wicked,

no hope of redemption.


Creeping, crawling,

up the walls,

spinning the web,

sucking out the blood. 



 A spider 

Impregnating its victim with Venom,

birthing death,

offspring of hell.








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