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Satish Verma

At crisis of 
inquiry, you search 
the questions. 

Life throws up a savage violence. 
Bruising our psychies 
we try to know each other. 

At the end of the road, 
we try to start a conversation. 
There was a huge presence― 
of some unseen force. 

Much ado, looking 
through each other. Would 
you call me again? 

Let there be a brutal 
confession. I take back 
my words and rewrite a poem.

The end is the Beginning and the Beginning is the end

Day after day,

night after night

you fight


Again and again,


starting the process all



Reliving the experience

just so you can relive it again


Round and round.

spinning the wheel


But going knowhere;

just going in circles.


Starting where you finish,

and finishing where your start.








What difference does it make?


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Simulation Incomplete

Playing with the action figures


Simulating the battle,


Preparing for War


Childhood training



Author's Notes/Comments: 

You teach yourself how to fight at a young age.


Slowly building the legos,


Constructing this city


Much time spent


Contemplating the form


Planning the foundations



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Rome wasn't built in a day.

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I have no friends;

I live in a box of

puzzles and secrets


I fight a war with myself

trying to win but its always

a stalemate


I try to be productive

but always question

"whats the point"?


My thoughts derail

me like a train


and its such a catastrophe

that is hard to get going again


Would just rather like lie there like a

dead body and never get up



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My life is hell,

I want it to end


Everyday becoming

more and more dull


Still not feeling any



Still feeling the same 



Others know how to cope

and deal 


Some simply cannot stomach

the horror that existence is



Daily Struggle

This itch,

this burn


This pain,

this regret


This confusion,

this hate,


Feeling trapt

in thoughts,


Feeling claustrophobic

inside my head


Just want it to end,

sick of this existence


No solution to the problem,


2018 is 2017

2018 feels no different

then 2017

and 2017 feels no different

then 2016


No matter what year it is;

mentally speaking it makes no difference


I don't feel aged or progressed;

it all is bullshit

I Will Not Agree

Satish Verma

This was the first 
evidence of altered genes. 
Keeping you in abeyance, the 
barbs fly from lips to lips. 
It is pitch dark. 
Reaching the tortuous path of climb, 
unabashedly you want to say 
it is over. 
At the edge of hurts. 
What was your pride? Very 
private, very distant, thinking 
to and fro, when someone wants to pull you back. 
Do some questions arise? 
Are you ready to talk? 
The sermons, the prayers won't 
help you become a subject― 
to unseen god. 
The delusion of being chased 
begins. Truth becomes silent. 
Will nihilism overtake?