It's not beautiful.




Sadness isn’t pretty
Tears aren’t like rain.
They’re horrible and ugly,
harsh and full of pain.
Don’t glorify feeling empty
don’t romanticize feeling alone
because I’m not feeling beautiful
I’m sorry when I have to moan.
Don’t you realize my chest is tight?
Don’t you realize I’m crying inside?
Don’t you realize that while I laugh and joke
really I’m terrified?

Don’t you realize it’s not all an act?
 because you don’t take note of the fact
that sadness isn’t pretty like we portray it to be.
It hurts, and I think it’s killing me.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

:( Can people stop this please? It's not helpful, and means people get the wrong idea about mental health problems. They think it's beautiful. Well, it's not beautiful. 

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I Know the Real Him

You tell me i don't know him
But i know that is a lie.
I know him better than any other guy.
He is sweet,
Just like he'll always be
You are wrong!
But all your common sense is gone.
He would never lie or hurt you.
I know this is the truth.
Maybe you should ask
Before you start to turn your back.
He wasn't to blame
Your reasoning is lame
I know him very well
Can't you tell?
We've been through a lot
Many lessons from him i have been taught
I've spent hours among hours talking to him
I'm gonna go out on a limb
You should know he'd never lie
He isn't like those other guys
Until you realize this leave me be
"Cause it seems the one who knows him best is me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Drama...I Absolutely Hate It.