Sand by the Sea


Sand by the Sea

You could have sat here with me

On the sand by the sea

Our fingers entwined

Our smiling faces lined

Wrinkled with age

Every new day is a brand new page

Turned by us as one

Like the end of a book, our tale nearly done

But here I am alone

Still as a stone

On the sand by the sea

No one here with me

Look at the water and see your smile

I wish it could stay for a while

My eyes fill with tears, clogging my vision

As I sit back and envision

What we could have been

But alas this world is mean

The devil stole you away

Right after our last day

Three days later I heard the news

Looked down to cry to my shoes

My love is dead

I think in my head

I shall love no more

As to not destroy my world

So I grew up a hermit

As I could not commit

As I remember sitting by the sea

Just you and me

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Also written for my friend.  R.I.P EMS

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Sand By The Sea

lovely poem for your friend

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I'm sorry about your friend I

I'm sorry about your friend

I like how it's all happening by the sea. Like i can just imagine you standing there.

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Thank you.  The anaversory of her death was Sunday. 

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Aw. That's so sad. 

Aw. That's so sad. 

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