Always Loved

Even though you’re now gone,
You will always live on.
Forever you will stay,
Living in another way.
In our hearts we all know,
That in turn we will all go.
But it’s the pain of the time without,
The endless fear and doubt.
It’s the moments you’re heard,
The silhouette that’s blurred.
A new tear in the eye,
It’s unfair that it’s goodbye.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I'm not sure why I wrote this one, I've never been unfortunate to lose many people over the years, just a Step-Granddad. I remember he was a nice man, he used to always give us custard creams and lemonade and a fiver. He had a bungalow in the countryside and it had a small stone wall all the way around it, behind his house was just hills of fields. So I guess this one is for you.

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