Verse 1:

I never had a love like this

this time, it feels so right

With you by my side

we'll brave through this hurricane together

love is what we found

in each other



The winds blow heavily at us

Look at the stars out there

They shine whenever we're together

You know me well but

tell me what it is

that you feel


Verse 2:

I get lost in this hurricane with you

I get lost wherever you go

Since you are my love

I won't wander anymore

I love you is all I can say



Our love is tested through time

It bends,it breaks, it heals

until you take me on

I won't let you go

you're my hurricane

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Hurricane" symbolizes strength, wisdom, power, destruction, etc that a lover can hold but you trust them not to hurt you like others have done in the past.