Heartbeat Part 2

Verse 1: All of my life's existence,

             I've come to long for you.

             For you, you are my life's memory

             And my life's everything.


Chorus: Let us embrace one another

           'Cause it's safer in your arms.

           For, your eyes are my paradise.

           You are my life's heartbeat.


Verse 2: Come on, babe, admit it:

             Our love is dangling

             In the air tonight

             Better hurry up or


Bridge: I'll end us now or never

           'Cause I still believe in us.

            It's written in the poems

            We write and send to each other.


Last-Chorus: Beating faster, this heartbeat

                   Beats so alone without its better hald.

                   When will you return to my side?

                   For, you are my everything.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is Part 2/sequel to the song I wrote titled: "Heartbeat". It was inspired by the Japanese pop song: "Still Believe" by John Hoon. It's another love poem/song that I wrote 2+ years ago. I'm still learning guitar so I'll eventually update the bandcamp page that I have.