Ships and Stars

Verse 1: Out of all these things I've done, 

                Your transparent imagination

                Have been tearing us apart from each other 

                I watch my expectations fly through the window. 


Chorus: Take me home tonight

               'Cause I know you by heart. 

                Whereever you will go, 

                I'm never far behind. 


Verse 2: The possibilities are endless, my friend. 

                Together, we would never, never cry. 

                Any pain, any sadness, any sorrows here:

                They'll disappear as long as we're together. 


Bridge: We value our life together 

              Every step of the way. 

              Running at the speed of light, 

              You are my everything. 


Last-Chorus: 'Cause I' m your guardian angel, babe. 

                         We used to be so perfect. 

                         What happened to us? 

                         I stand alone, fighting the battles

                         Within and without myself. 


Author's Notes/Comments: 

This song is inspired by a Korean pop song called: "Heaven"  by Ailee. It references the hoobastank song: "What Happened to Us?"  in the last chorus.