I don't know how to separate poetry from humanity


this is sometimes poetry

sometimes how I break and bend


this is sometimes humanity


you can’t tell it how to run

how it slips through your mouth


yesterday I looked at my own dissertations

on life and dreams and apples and you

and it was like

you wrote it

while I was sleeping


I’m not your toy

you can’t

write with my hands

you can’t hold them either


sometimes I don’t mean to

but I use your breath

to crinkle the pages


sometimes I don’t mean to

but I open this notebook

and crash and burn


and maybe sometimes

it’s not

for you

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 6/9/18

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I see all the little shadows,

I claim to be only a curse.

I am only a memory after all.

I breathe and make everything worse.


I am built of the moments they left me.

I run in the sand just to cry.

I stand and the floor drops underneath.

I don’t know the words, they’ve slipped by.


They trust me, they say I am the poet.

They tell me I’ll make it someday.

But how can I be the right poet

when I say the right words the wrong way?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 2/13/18



Will you write when I’m gone?


I listen to all the noise you’ve caused inside of me.

I only know part of what I’ve done to you.

If I leave will your words follow me?


It doesn’t seem that impossible.


But as soon as that sentence ends

I am walking

I see you

on every corner.


Every Rubik’s cube,

every blanket,

every beat.


Your imprints on me.


I close my eyes.


The words will stay.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 12/22/17

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The Beast Inside...

The beast inside…

© 2017 SachikoMochiko " Sachi Ruaya


What’s worse than killing someone? Leaving them suffering alive. Now, whether or not they suffer is up to them…


Cracks…that’s how the light comes in.


You found that someone,

Who you deem; is the last piece of you

O’ but that one…that other one just "

How long will your grip hold?



It’s a dark feeling; jealousy

Where green, grey and black swirls weave your heart

Like steel, poison ivy 



As your blood curdles and boils,

your red-laced eyes eyeball

That one who touched your precious



Your precious gem that you admire from afar.

Your precious one, who births a hazy warm chest.

Your precious half…the other fading half of you.



But you refrain from killing

And instead of making arrangements to prey,

You keep that one alive  but suffering from your fangs


Your inner beast lurks inside,

already devoured half of you and yourself.

Its true form will not feast unless you do



Your fangs…its fangs bite, drawing thick, oozy blood

Of the one you hold captive in your prison

All for that one precious one, you shed blood



Your bite…your torture…your beast

Is a reflection of the steel, poison ivy

Is a being born from your selfishness…your jealousy



But you continue to feast even when you know

Know that this beast will soon consume your flesh, Bone-clean

Because pleasure will come from ones’ suffering



You are blinded by the beast; your scarlet eyes see no more,

the beauty of your precious gem…

BlurryVivid. Pitch-black.



You have lost sight of your intentions,

And your precious gem’s light is no more

Now, you know: You. Are. Devoured.



You sit there on the bottom of the beast’s stomach

Living with the pure darkness of your own

Alone. With your crackling, dry heart -unable to love



After all, you were just blind.

Destined to lurk in darkness.



Emptiness. Your skin slowly peels off from the dry darkness

Slowly…painfully, in this prison, the veil is ripped

Revealing something undeniably powerful





The bleeding wounds of which the skin is peeled

Thus, shunned the lies and unveils the truth

The truth of you embedded inside -within the beast


The light suppresses the dry darkness 

With your passion, memories, joy and love

You slice through the belly…striving for freedom once more!



Author’s Note: 


This is one of the small fragments to ready one of my upcoming masterpiece. I will write more poems like this (having the same motivational force). WORRY is next.


© 2017 SachikoMochiko

Author's Notes/Comments: 
This is one of the "practice" poems so I can produce a higher quality work for a special someone of mine:)

Gosh...my punctuation is bad. Just like any other poems I post here, it ain't finished. Still more reviewing to be done. But overall, I hope you enjoy XD


Jealousy, eh? Just a quick note, any poem I write is nearly always based off of my true feelings and recent events/emotions. 
"I thought it was good but felt it would be better if it was a story...it feels like your using a lot of words which is good but feel it would make an amazing story if it had a bit more body in it... not sure what type of criticism you wanted. I think you would be amazing at writing stories I’m not being negative I agree with what the person below said just think it’s more story like xx" - Simba
"Raw and honest.Outstanding imagery in words and visuals. I can picture you in my head, shouting these words at the person this story is intended for. My only little critique is that there are more than a few harsh words used that I would have replaced with something different. He's not returning your love but you can't force someone to do so. Other than that brilliant as always I look forward to the rest of the story " Thedeus Hobbs

The Art of Writing...

The Art of Writing



Humanity's engraved history,
on the tips of our fingers,
on the tip of the mind

It's a beautiful art, isn't it?
How someone's soul,
Is expressed with a language
The art of writing

Of course, I do not
I do not limit
Limit to words...

Body language is the writing of the body
Music is the writing to decorate time
Facial Expression is the art of writing and interpreting...from the crust of a soul
Speech writes the base of language

Writing is not what you just think it is
It. Is. Pure. Art.


Now reading back on this poem, I have found my reason to write.


This thing called Writing. It's woven into our nature. As stated above, I consider things such as body language, facial expression, and music as "writing". 


 It's our own mind that limits us. Writing is not limited to words. After all, it is a way to express. Our ability to express is already woven in us from birth (for instance, when we cry, we express from the wails written, by our voice, in the air)...


And maybe I am mistaken...


When you kick when you were in your mother's womb, you may definitely express and inform something hehe...


 So really, it's my nature...our nature...to write.


Don't let yourself be the one who limits your potential! - SachikoMochiko :)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just another quick poem...

Based on Jonathan Chiu's post: "5 Reasons you should write"

See it here: http://www.writerscafe.org/writing/youngteenwriterz/1982150/#comments



Your eyes half closed.

Tell me the story

of how you fell in love with me.



it starts like this-

I don’t know how.


All I know is

you stole my head,

my heart,

my hands.

(My sleep.)


It’s like the ride changes every time,

little details that haven’t made it off my lips,

haven’t taken themselves

out of my heart.


When I’m tired of being sober

I want to waste every breath that falls toward you

even when gravity has taken the day off

and I am so far below your space.


We are getting older.

We are going somewhere.

We are giving up if you hold it against me.


So once again I find myself wrapped around you

when darkness falls.

You whisper again,

Tell me the story.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 11/28/17

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