a fairy tale

A Lady Fair

A Lady Fair

I am in love with a fair Lady

But it is not meant to be

From up on her pedestal

She could never see me

  • All the other Knights she sees

    She does observe and adore

    But she could never love

    A poor wandering troubadour

  • I tell her of my true feelings inside

    I do not know if she understands

    That the songs and poems I write

    It is my love for her that guides my hands

  • Her face out shines that of an Angel

    Her glow comes from inside

    If she was ever to look my way

    I would be so mystified

  • If she ever slips off her pedestal

    And to the earth she does fall

    I will be here always to catch her

    My love for this fair Lady is above all


    Just like a fairy tale, come
    I felt a deep connection,
    My eyes were full of you.

    (c) copyright heather burns

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