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Makati City, Philippines

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Composing poetry, watching comedies

Poetry actually comes naturally to me since I made my fourth grade report on the Portuguese explorer, Vasco de Gama, in a poem which I recited to the class.I remember the first stanza:

Vasco de Gama
Liked his Mama
He really liked to sail
His men got scurvy
In quite a hurry
Which really made them pale

Ideas come to me when I'm walking along and just looking around and then a "What if" question comes to mind and then I think of how to rhyme my ideas or stories. I was published in the newspapers 6 times.

About My Navel

Oh I love my navel, I don't know why.
If I don't kiss it I think I'll die :o)

I get lint there even when I don't wear a shirt :o)

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The chances of something not happening is directly proportionate to how much you want it to happen - Clark Steven Lupton


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