It's Tough to be a Teacher too

It’s Tough to be a Teacher too

Clark Steven Lupton

November 23, 2005

You have to wake up early

And you have to study hard, it’s true

It’s a hard life being a student

But it’s tough being a teacher too

She has to check the homework

Of all you girls and boys

And she has to prevent you from getting bored

While she puts up with all your noise

She has to plan your lessons for the day

And make it interesting for each and every one

And even though you’re dismissed at 3

She has to stay and make another one

She has to know her subject well

Her goal is to make sure you learn

And she has to be objective

Of the grades you try to earn

You know that you can get unruly

This is an undeniable fact

You say nice things to her face

But make fun of her behind her back

Speaking in front of people

Is man’s number one fear

Just imagine how your teacher does it

For ten months of the year

And to correct all that homework and those tests,

Which would be 10 pounds if she weighs them!

And teaching isn’t just about talking about a lot of facts

It’s also how she’ll explain them

Your life as a student may be hard

The reasons are more than few

But you should be aware that

It’s tough to be a teacher too!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I told myself I would write a poem to submit to Meg Magazine, which has a poetry page for teenagery topics like school and friendship. After three months since jotting down the address I thunk up an idea, why not combine the topics of school stress for the student with why it's also hard to be a teacher?

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Wannabe ninja Forever's picture

lol, that poem is so true. I have a bit more sympathy for my teacher now who has to take our unruly class.

Mark Wilson's picture

what a lovely sweet poem! i agree entirely with the sentiment. some teachers when i was at school were lovely but you know some teachers were horrible and had it coming! :)

Ruth Lovejoy's picture

this is true and I know first hand because my son is a high school Bio teacher