Fading Away

2010-2012 Poems


Piercing pain.
Raining inside.
I travel 1/8th of the world
Twice a month,
Apart from my work-
Just to be with you.

But even if we’re streets apart
It feels you’re still some miles away:
Busy, disconnected,
Always somewhere, detached,
Even when you’re here.

We said we will try
Where is “we”?
You asked me: “Be here with me.”
Rain or shine;Sickness and in health;
I am here. Always.
Where are you?

“Next time is coming soon baby”
That was nearly a year ago.
Time is so precious
For you and your work-
“Next time” never came by.
It’s not the waiting baby
Not even going there
It’s your promise, your words
The trusting and hoping
Should I stop believing? 

Three knives in my heart:
Time -is not on our side;
Distance -we’re worlds apart;
I can deal with that…
But the worst part is
You and I -becoming strangers at heart.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

~(c) jerlin 22Oct10

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Tomorrow may never come

We take for granted what we have today that we may not have tomorrow.
If we lose what we have, we'll drown in misery and sorrow.
Go hug your family and tell them that you love them.
Let them know that you're always thinking of them.
Nobody knows what the future may have in store.
Don't say something tomorrow that you could've said before.
Tomorrow may never come so please don't put off what you should do today.
Appreciate your family and friends now because you never know when they may be taken away.

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I Don't Need To Know


You told me tonight

That we really need to talk

I said go ahead

You said hardly anything at all

All you could say to me

Is you can't make it work

All I could say was ok

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The Early Works

For all the contact, we fell in over months
Yet when we met I was the one you didn’t want
Couldn’t get more than a few words from you in all conversations
Kissed you 3 times in the whole weekend

You wouldn’t let me in
From friend to lover and back to just friend
Came at the right time but I didn’t want it to end
Been filling gaps since then
I thought you were the one
For all I’ve experienced – you are – but maybe I’m wrong
Just a call away but the distance is long
Every time I call its not feeling on song

I want you so badly but it’s hard to even talk
Can’t reply to your letters yet I crave so much more
Reaching out through tears emotions are carried
I want something more …I want to be married
Calls are fine but my feelings I parry
Though you felt before…will you still have me?
You’re the definition of my ideal woman and I love your all
Maybe I shouldn’t love you, so with this I brawl

Should be over, I guess it’s a long time past
But when I look back feelings are unmasked
Completion of my missing half you are
Somehow you’re still the beat of my heart

On paper we have elements to fulfil what could be
But how could you after everything
Say you don’t know me

The text messages before a lecture and one at lunch
More than friendship grew
Yeah I knew that much

When me met I was gentle and assumed no advantage
Though I tried to make you happy maybe I was too romantic?
I never planned this – to be brought down like the towers
You’re the one I want but instead I’m like mojo
Without Austin Powers

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dedicated to someone I fell for and deep down still do care about

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Love in white and black

The Early Works

White girls…
Black haired, red head, brunette and blonde

White girls…
When black men want one – to black women its wrong

White girls…
Will change you and take away your blackness

Instead of rice and peas your food will be the blandest

White girls…
Will be second best and can never match up

Hold up a second I know plenty of black women that don’t know how to cook

White girls…
Pale skin, fair skin, tan or fake tanned

Will get pregnant and divorce you they’re just a trophy stand

White girls…
Are just wannabees who play our manz

I’ve had enough of you black women, lets see the flipside of your hand

A black man…
With any sense gets educated

A black man…
With good up bringing knows how to treat a lady

A black man…
Can make out the bad from good

More importantly if could choose who he fell for he would

It gets personal when they say you can’t handle a black woman so you go for mixed-race
What happens if the one I want aint to your taste
I will graduate from your school of insecurity
Many times you rejected me
Now you’re trying to secure me?

Anything mixed with black as long as you think she’s pretty
If chose I Mediterranean that’s the exception you’ll give me?

I’ll go for what I know if she’s the beat to my flow
Even if her tempers active like a volcano
True love with anyone is rocky and rough
But when its true love
Enough…is never enough

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This isn't meant to be a racist poem but it opens with common sentiments amongst many black females regarding inter racial relationships.

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Blue Waterfalls

Ugonna Wachuku 


Slowly, whistling winds and waves
embrace my soul on this voyage to
new reality. 


Like a river, I follow my course
through beckoning landscapes and 
simple seas.


Through moonlit forests of home
and beauty, I walk to the beat
from nature's heart.
There is silence in the air.
There is a song in my heart.
There is unfolding desire to
be all that I must be to you
and to humanity.


Down river roads and pathways,
I follow your footprints to
mountain tops where bald eagles
teach eaglets the mystery of
calmly soaring through life.


From high grounds and moving
landscapes on peaceful sea shores
hidden within you, the story unfolds.
From mountain tops of glory and 
beauty, you call me to fish and
dine with caring angels. 
There will be yet
another voyage.


When, finally, we arrive at the 
headwaters, there will be blue 
waterfalls and glad dolphins to 
welcome you and me.


These blue waterfalls will be 
our compass for the journey
ahead. Smiles and songs will
flower us to bountiful life.
Waterfalls of blue will define
our love for humanity!


And when I meet the coming,
new morning of hope and inspiration,
I will shed tears because your loving
blue waterfalls will be
my caring companion
for life!



Blue Waterfalls 

~ Critiques/Comments ~ 


Abritelite .

Your BlueWaterfalls took me on a journey that I really enjoyed.  Keep them coming in :) abritelite  


Renee' Quinn

welcome home..... you have found a place that your work will be loved and amired....  this one just made me feel like I was floating along on a raft....  you have such an amazing and powerful style.....  once again... I welcome you home.... and hope that you stay with us a while..  Renee'


Farah D

another lovely piece. Beautiful and calming images takes you on a beautiful journey. The kind of poem that i could read over and over again.


Melvin Lee

A wonderful sense of peacefulness in this poem, Ugonna..Smilesz. Thanxs for painting such a unique and mesmerizing journey for the mind of every reader. Glad to have read it.  interesting title too. :)


Mona Omar

blue waterfalls is a lovely poem full of beauty  


Charisma *T.A.* Makatita-P

Thank you for this wonderful journey.....enjoyed every line.  Charisma 


Angel Wolf

Mesmerizing beauty is the essence of this poem!! You create a lovely feeling with this "most perfect" poem.  Angelwolf 


Teresa Jacobs

Such a beautiful poem. You always know how to weave your words to create such magical places.


Robin Schmidt

This paints such a picture in my head, I can picture everything the mountins the rivers.. everything its amazing!!I love it!!

2002-02-01 15:09:59


Betty Hattersley

Wow...what a poem

2002-02-25 17:04:38


Lesa Gay

I experienced this picture as if I were there.  Thanks for the beauty!  ~Lesa~

2002-02-28 14:22:12


Douglas Lazard

Hi Ugonna,  There is so much peace in this poem... It take the reader down a wonderfully slow and comforting ride through it's life!  I love poetry of water and waterfalls and have written much on this topic myself. I've a feeling I have met a wonderful new friend! 

Peace and love ~~~~ Dougie ~~~

2002-03-01 11:09:25


Tim / manatee Marshall

HI,i give this my best teake (widi) wish i'd done it ! 

love what your eyes see and your fingers write  


2002-03-17 14:17:30


Bernard Shaw

A most beautiful piece of poetry. I sense the underlying tones of simplicity with a vivid journey to a long lost part of what was once common to all the peoples of this earth. A small touch of paradise. Flows well and tells a story that nature has been telling us for generations. I am very impressed and will be reading more of your works.  I feel that you have a natural talent in telling us what to look for in our daily lives. A piece well away from the humdrums of normality. Thank you for sharing. bern

2002-05-02 10:45:18



beautiful poem 

2002-08-03 15:24:26


Eunice Perkins

Such a feeling of serenity and peacefulness makes this wonderful to read.

2002-08-07 10:47:05


Geneva Becker

I really enjoyed the voyage.  I love the imagery. 

Thanks also for stopping by on my page. I am a graduate student now, with no time to truly write. I envy you... 


2002-10-31 02:30:57


Patricia Jones

A heavenly poem. It simply surges with beauty you wish you could live in forever.

2002-11-12 17:53:41


Karyn Indursky

This poem is absolutely beautiful. You walk me through this journey while making my emotions raw with love, curiously, wonder. I felt as though I was away from today and stepping into a clensing when I let go of dirty thoughts, feelings, notions to be be more than cleansed, but freed. If that wasn't enough you let me have one person to go along with me. I loved to have the allowance of company because it allowed me to share myself and a world to love. Thanks for the wonderful read.

2003-05-02 08:27:41


Ruth Lovejoy

Your love and respect for nature and an acute eye to the falls for its beauty is very evident here..Great piece!

2008-01-13 15:17:50


Theresia A. Makatita-Poortman

email hidden

Once again I walked in to read some of your poetry and I really enjoyed reading them. I enjoyed Blue Waterfalls thouroughly, keep up the good writing.  


2008-04-04 06:54:53 


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Blue Waterfalls explores the humane upliftment in loving and caring for one another in our earthly journey through life.

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"More Than God"

by Jeph Johnson


When I first met her

(actually on our first date...

for we met both drunk and sober)

I vowed never to love her

more than I loved God

(God with a capital "g").  

Loving her came naturally,

(more natural than loving God

with the capital "g")

so I decide to honor, fulfill and obey

most of her desires

but saved the big one for "that day";

the day this mysterious God

with a capital "g" would complete us

and we would graduate from "date"

and our love consummate.

But I found out fate dictates

how late God relates.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

for Teresa, circa 1998, 2017


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