love and friendship

Sarah Made Me Smile

In the dark of the night
I made my comeback flight
She had caught my eye
In the wink of a sigh

She saw when I first came
Me at the top of my game
But when I made it back
She saw how I was flat

Showing comfort, concern and care
Out of thin air she was there
Mystified why I seek this girl
Affection pleads give it a whirl

Revealing her light did I dare
The shine lit why I was there
Soon to take her next mile
Special Sarah made me smile

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Unrequited love


I feel complete in your arms
When we are together I feel happy
I love you more then words
When we are apart I want you
I think of you all the time

You don't know how I feel
When we are together we have fun
You don't know how hard I fall
When you go with someone else
You don't know the hurt

I will endure it
You will notice me
I will always stand by you
You will never find the one
I am the one for you

We will always be friends
Going will be rough
We wil get through it
Going will be smooth
We will survive

We have eachother
Friends first
Lovers second
Loyal to the end
End of life

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I Wish You Enough

I wish you enough..of love through the day..with God’s blessings..everyway..
Your someone sweet..special to..I wish you enough..of sunshine too..
I wish you enough..of happiness’s always your smile..that gets me through..
I wish you here..sitting next to looking at you..wishing to see..
Thanks my friend..again and again..its love for the end..
To hear you laugh..your beauty too..its all of you..that I love to..
I wish you the days and happiness..this I said..
We are Gods children..having fun..thinking of you..let it be done..
Your love and special to love for you..will always be..
The sun is up..I wish you enough..your in my heart..where my love starts..
Thinking of you..the way I do..I just smile..and grin, I do..
I adore..the way you are..your such a sweetheart..shining star..
I wish you enough..of love today..just thinking of you..I have to say..
It’s your to..I wish you enough..of all this, I do..
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