The day soon may come
When darkness overtakes the sun
My world will come crashing down
With friends and enemies all around
Only two will have to die
Me and the other guy

For me a new start will unfold
While his future is put on hold
It's the consequence we'll have to take
Leaving old friends in our wake

We have one chance to stay alive
Everyone will have to lie
No one may know what happened there
In that late summer air
Those who know won't forget what was done
But that's okay 'cause I'm still looking at the sun.

Run Through

Running been running for so long
My wind is almost gone
But the problem is still right here
I hear the footsteps growing near
I cant hide
Its here all the time
So I now decide
I have to stand and fight
I cant see when the tears blur my eyes
I ve finally realized
That there’s nowhere to hide
So I ll fight with all my might
Even though there is no one with me
I cant let that get to me
It had the best of me before
the pain grew more and more
Always abandoned always alone
My hope seemed long gone
But I look around and see
That no one feels sorry for me
So I ll get back up to my feet
No more self pity for me
Didn’t need anyone then
Don’t need them now
I ran to despair with all my might
It never crossed my mind to fight
I was bruised hurt and bleeding
I wanted my heart to stop beating
I thought my life was threw
Thought I was done without you
Didn’t know what else to do
But no matter how far you run
The problems always come for you
I got no breath left to run away
So guess this time I am gonna stay
If I show my back again
That thing will not relent
It will tear me apart
And leave me lifeless in the dark
I ll be damnd if I let that happen
Didn’t come so far to let it end
I m not running away
I am running to
And then I am gonna run through
Run through the heartache
Run through the self hate
Run through the doubt
and take my problem out

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Highlight Life

I read everyday // yea i see everything // my problems are my prey so they run everyway // I'm living in da future so I was done yesterday // i stay going straight // never looking back never in da past // so i got dat perfect vertebrae // cuz im just one away to the master holy J // thats why every single day i runaway just to pray // i got da answers in dis mind traced & outlined // so i be feeling at ease & i never have to strife // cuz the world is my book so I just highlight life // making everything I do just feel so right // cuz this is my story & I define & design how I get on my grind // u can't decline & deny dat I don't redefine mankind // entwined in my own mastermind // cuz I'm da only bind wunderkind // so i cut da haters off with my knife & I dined with this world so I'm full of life


Author's Notes/Comments: 

comparing my life as if it was a book.

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Now I am in a pickle
I started going out with Brian
But that’s not half of the problem
It’s the fact is that I know
Gene likes me too
But that’s the entire problem either
The problem resides in the fact
That I am feeling more than friendship
For Gene too, so I don’t know what to do
I have yet to meet Gene face to face
And I am hoping that it will happen soon
But just chatting online like we have
I’m thinking that there is more there too
But yet he has told me to go for that other guy
And I intend to but its like
I’ve got a monkey on my shoulder
And the devil I playing with my head
Because nothing is right
In fact everything’s wrong
Because of my traitor feelings

Written on
April 12, 2011

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This one is sort of about Brian, but it is also about Gene.

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I tend to scare you

My mind is so

Different than yours


Run not away from me

I want you here with me

To stand by my side


But I scare you too much

So you go away from me

Oh well, such is life


To gain love and lose it

To find the path and get lost

And to be happy and go to pain



Written on

April 25, 2001

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this about a guy I attempted to date.

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