my story

Highlight Life

I read everyday // yea i see everything // my problems are my prey so they run everyway // I'm living in da future so I was done yesterday // i stay going straight // never looking back never in da past // so i got dat perfect vertebrae // cuz im just one away to the master holy J // thats why every single day i runaway just to pray // i got da answers in dis mind traced & outlined // so i be feeling at ease & i never have to strife // cuz the world is my book so I just highlight life // making everything I do just feel so right // cuz this is my story & I define & design how I get on my grind // u can't decline & deny dat I don't redefine mankind // entwined in my own mastermind // cuz I'm da only bind wunderkind // so i cut da haters off with my knife & I dined with this world so I'm full of life


Author's Notes/Comments: 

comparing my life as if it was a book.

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