not running

Run Through

Running been running for so long
My wind is almost gone
But the problem is still right here
I hear the footsteps growing near
I cant hide
Its here all the time
So I now decide
I have to stand and fight
I cant see when the tears blur my eyes
I ve finally realized
That there’s nowhere to hide
So I ll fight with all my might
Even though there is no one with me
I cant let that get to me
It had the best of me before
the pain grew more and more
Always abandoned always alone
My hope seemed long gone
But I look around and see
That no one feels sorry for me
So I ll get back up to my feet
No more self pity for me
Didn’t need anyone then
Don’t need them now
I ran to despair with all my might
It never crossed my mind to fight
I was bruised hurt and bleeding
I wanted my heart to stop beating
I thought my life was threw
Thought I was done without you
Didn’t know what else to do
But no matter how far you run
The problems always come for you
I got no breath left to run away
So guess this time I am gonna stay
If I show my back again
That thing will not relent
It will tear me apart
And leave me lifeless in the dark
I ll be damnd if I let that happen
Didn’t come so far to let it end
I m not running away
I am running to
And then I am gonna run through
Run through the heartache
Run through the self hate
Run through the doubt
and take my problem out

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