Beyond The Rapids


She is beyond the waterfall crisis and has become the quiet pool

below and beyond it. She is tolerant of each, forgiving of all. She is also

the pure splashing fountain of which she wrote. It rises from her pool as she laughs more frequently than Yellowstone's Old Faithful geyser.

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Racist Republican Texas Government

Free, No Cost


She had the entire Gulf of Mexico to swim in... she didn't need

the constricted pool at the restricted country club.

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Yellowstone's Hot Magma

Mother Earth

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There is insufficient tracking.

Can each state's fracking

release Yellowstone's hot magma pool

... its volcanic caldera..

causing an ice age

of earthcracking


-saiom shriver-



(Thank you to David Riley Bertsch

for subtly underlining this

with his book Death Canyon)




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In a Red Room

With walls, thick, of blood
One flat table in the middle
I watch two caught in a grudge.

A stick in the hand
Sixteen balls rolling around
Each turn, one’s own miss
Eternal clicking, the only sound.

A never ending objective
With completion ne’er to take place
My destiny is simply to watch it
Who has condemned me to this space?

Migrating balls, no pockets.
I observe an eternity of “oops’s”
Whether hit as feathery or rockets
My hell is as my heart is…

Author's Notes/Comments: 

After a long hiatus, I have returned to post a few things I have scribbled down on the occassional cocktail napkin. Around 5 years ago I was watching what seemed to be an endless game of pool in a dark room between two somewhat impaired friends. The game took forever and went nowhere................

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Each Time You Dive


Jumping into the pool

No water is inside

Just empty blackness

Every time you dive


Just a little bit

Each time you dive

You lose something

A part of yourself

Every time you dive


I just stay anymore

The darkness fits me

But I promise you this

I will be seeing you

Every time you dive



Written on

October 5, 2005

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This wasnt written to anyone in particular. Just a thought in my head I had to get out.

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